Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Mini Vikings fan!

Special fruit delivery from my parents!  Helps us get through these MN winters!

Just chilling.

Friends!  Still can't believe Chimi and Sushi are not only making peace but breaking bread. :)

Bradley and Boo!  Trying to force him to love on Boo. :)

Loving rolling on the floor and talking!

More floor fun.

Nate went to check on Bradley and it seemed like he was gone for a while.  Turned on the monitor and there he was sleeping with his hand in the air! :)

The snuggliest.

Bradley's new favorite place to be!  We bought this from a JBF sale for $10 before he was born.  Good find!! :)

Snuggly sisters.

I always have lots of snack and beverage options at work each day! 

So me!!

I die over cute outfits like this!  And his sweet face!

Bradley's first New Year's Eve and first New Year's Eve outfit! :)

Ringing in the new year with Dad.

Sprinkles also enjoyed NYE!

NYE nails!  I have bit them down to stubs so I need to get back on track with my polish changes.  Maybe that should be my resolution!

I was so sad to take down our Christmas decor like always.  Last chance for quite a few months to enjoy my favorite ornaments!

Always takes me a while to attack it all.

We took Bradley to Benihana!  He wasn't as impressed as we were hoping. :)

My view ALL DAY LONG.  I will keep up as long as I can but figuring out how to get more supply, how much he drinks versus how much we have in fridge, when we will run out, is EXHAUSTING!  Cheers to all of you moms in this struggle, too!  We can do it!

It should be illegal for Target to sell these cookies.  They disappear way too fast.

Bradley had his first trip to Clear Lake!  He was excited for tummy time with Papa.

Love when these girls snuggle!  Melts my heart!

Back seat road trip time.

The marquee light obsession this for my parents for Christmas!

Baby Bradley camouflage!  

Testing out the high chair!  We haven't started solids but he likes to sit at the dinner table with us. :)

New sweater from my mom!  Bradley loved it, too. :)

Love all of his faces.  So much personality!

Bradley's 4 month check up was a success!  70th percentile for weight and 97th percentile for height. Makes sense. :)  He loves his pediatrician, too!

We need groceries BAD so got sushi for dinner.  AMAZEBALLS!  (Green dragon roll).

Our whole house looks like this - a disaster.  Who wants to be my personal chef/assistant/house cleaner/stylist? :)

The mess exhausts Chimi, too.

We are going to Disney World soon so I have been focused on all things Mickey Mouse, even in my work wardrobe! :)

Instagram shot. :)

Bradley always wants to be held in the mornings which makes it a tad difficult to get ready and leave for work.  I set him down when I stir my iced coffee and prop him up with his daycare bag.  His face cracks me up!

Minnesota weather is killing us!!  Staying warm as best we can.

Our smiley man is so happy tomorrow is Friday!!

TGI (almost) F!!  

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  1. He is growing up way too fast. You are looking great.

  2. Love the marquee anchor. I am trying to figure out where I could put it in my boyfriends CL lake house. Love your beverage selection. I am often in the same boat at my desk; water, milk, coffee, protein drink....sometimes all 4 at once!

    1. It is so necessary for lake houses!! We want to move it to the kitchen at some point. So fun! Today I only have water and iced coffee...something is wrong here! :)