Monday, September 15, 2014

Nursery Closet Organization

I absolutely love organizing, re-organizing, and then re-orgaizing again.  Growing up I think I did this weekly, and my poor mom would totally let me do it even though half the time I would get about 50% done and then leave it as a mess for a while.  But I have always had the bug to decorate/organize and find the best way to keep things.

When Nate finished Bradley's closet, I had no idea where to begin!  It looked so perfect and we really didn't have much so I just put a few things randomly in there.  Then once showers hit we had lots of items and I had to start my organizing!  The nursery was ready to go so last on my list was the closet.

I started off by washing everything and putting them into piles by size.  I also did this because my SIL was going to loan me tons of my nephews clothes and she wanted to see where my needs were.  These were some of the pics I sent her.

Let's not forget that any organization project is better with helpers!

Chimi spotted one of Bradley's toys during my organizing session.

Caught her crab-handed!

I ordered some of these size label things from Etsy and made Nate put the stickers on because he is a perfectionist.  Turns out with things like this he is NOT a perfectionist.  Sticker fail! :)

Then I started hanging things up!  I hung any pajamas, jackets, sweatshirts, one pieces, etc.  Anything that would be easy to hang (other than onesies).  

I started on the bottom left with newborn to 3 months, then the top rack 6 months to a year.

We registered for these great bins from Target which we absolutely love!  Right now they are kind of a catch all for toys and miscellaneous items.

We also have the ever important "Too Small" bin (and clearly this pic was taken before he was born!  Full now since he never was a "Newborn" size!). 

The rest of the closet isn't very full yet, but we know it will be.  Again, more of a catch all/easy access for miscellaneous items right now.

The changing table/dresser is where we keep onesies, pants, socks, and diapers/wipes.  The top two drawers are the diaps for easy access.

The other drawers are organized by size (with my same sticky notes I had when initially sorting the clothes) with onesies and pants.  

Just had to post another pic of my obsession, the 3 tiered rack from the SIL. :)

And let's be real, not everything is organized!  I have random outfits just chilling on his crib (he doesn't sleep here yet) so I don't forget to have him wear them before he is too big!

This will be ever evolving, but so fun to organize his cute little things!  I mean, when you are putting together outfits as fly as this, you need to be organized! :)

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  1. I cannot even handle that dog tail hook! So cute! :)

  2. Love this post! Do you remember where you got your brown "poof", I am looking for one!