Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week In Pictures

Marquee excitement!  Can't wait to get this baby hung!

The little girls love the new glider, too!

So happy about this - finally framed our wedding invite and it makes me so happy!  I'm so proud to be married to Nate and display this! 

The girls love the nice weather!

I do, too!  Perfect day to paint my nails. :)

My bday present is getting ready for the 4th!  We tried getting it ready for Memorial Day but took HOURS to inflate!  The suspense!!

Tender moments at the lake.

We have sat in the basement patio once so far!  Need to have longer stretches of no rain...

Our hot pink tree was so vibrant last week!  Love when it looks like this!  (And Tina Crabtree looks good herself!)

The loves of my life. :)

Stop what you are doing and make this dip RIGHT NOW!  (I skipped the butter - tastes phenomenal without it!)

Cracks me up when she carries this toy around because she looks like Sprinks with a beard!

Love getting my planner for next year!

Fresh manis are the best. :)

Chimi was VERY interested in the guys installing the built ins!

But then relaxed. :)

Shower aftermath!

Chimi is very happy with the built ins. :)

Sweets are becoming necessities...uh oh!

Sprinkles got her summer haircut!  Such a pretty girl!

Four years ago today, Nate and I got engaged and Chimi became part of our family!  Such a special day!

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  1. What a fun post! Glad you loved the pb cream cheese dip...and reminded me I need to restock :)

    1. Oh my goodness - it is the best! Thank you for creating that deliciousness!!