Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tiny Bit of Christmas

Make fun all you want - I am used to it!  Since we are now officially in November, I had to pull out one tree.  One tree that happens to come with a room full of decor.  This room is really not seen very much because it is our upstairs loft so it is the best bet to start with.

I have many reasons for starting early.  My collection has grown quite a bit so it takes time to get it all out.  I need the full month of November!  Plus, we host Thanksgiving dinner most years, and my work requires everyone to work on Black Friday so that week is already too hectic to even think about decorating the entire house.  It is nice to come home and have the house decorated and welcoming for the holidays!  I consider Thanksgiving a part of the holiday season so to me it is all just two months of amazingness.  Mostly, I am just obsessed and can't help myself as Kristin says.

I struggled big time with the arrangement up here but I think it will stay like this for the holidays.  Now that there is art/accents on the walls it limited my options.

I've never really been much of a collector, but something takes over me with cute Christmas accents!

I am LOVING the new couch up here with the decor!  Makes it that much more magical!!  And the colors are too perfect with the cupcake accents!

My stash has been growing with my Summer trips to Hobby Lobby in Mason City.  They put out Christmas in June/July so it feeds my obsession!

Not sure how this end table will turn out once completed but loving so far.

Hopefully I will finish this room sometime this week and have nice updated pictures.  For now it is a start and makes me so happy!  Happy Holidays!

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