Sunday, November 10, 2013

Snowflake Legging Fail/Legwarmer DIY

Unless you are four, these snowflake eBay leggings that we all fell in love with and ordered probably don't fit you well.  Like you, I blindly spent the $6 that they cost and shipped away.  Ten weeks later (sort of an exaggeration, sort of not), they arrived and don't even fit Sprinkles.  Could you get them on?  I mean, maybe they are long enough but give you the world's largest muffin top and cut off your waist circulation.  Maybe you can't even get them over your thighs like me.  Maybe you got them on but they turned so sheer that you instantly took them off.  Maybe you held them up and didn't even try.

I do still love the pattern and idea of them, so I didn't want them to go to waste.  They had collected enough dust in my closet so I pulled them out to see what we could do!  I instantly whipped out the scissors to cut.  I followed the pattern and trimmed at the very top of the leg.

Anyone want some pint sized booty shorts?

Horrifically awkward picture, but I held the shorts up so you can see how tiny the "one size fits most" waist is.  Who is "most"???

Then I flipped them upside down and pulled them on from the ankle first, which already is much tighter so they will stay up on your leg!  If that part is too tight, you could cut the bottom off and re-hem at a point that has a good circumference for your leg.

Sprinkles thinks they look good!

You can cut the bottoms to whatever length works best.  Cut off more if you want them to be at the calf, or leave them if you want to wear over your knee.  I eventually will have my mom (thanks mom!) hem the bottom edges for me since they want to roll.  You can do that yourself if you are ultra crafty like that.

Too cute!  Bring on the hot cocoa and Christmas movies!!

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  1. Those still wouldn't fit my calves! Nice job utilizing the "one size fits all" leggings though. :)

  2. Nice utilizing the "one size fits all" leggings! Haha! I don't think the leg warmers would even fit my calves either.