Sunday, September 15, 2013

Start of Halloween Decor

I couldn't wait any longer - I had to do it!  I am SO in the Fall spirit that I pulled out the rest of my Halloween decor.  I started a bit earlier than last year, but who's checking?  I don't have quite the smorgasbord of Halloween decor like I do Christmas, just a few touches here and there.

I am going to wait until October 1st to put up my witch legs wreath, however it is KILLING ME!!  Let's see if I can make it.  At least seeing my Fall wreath getting lots of repins on Pinterest is helping me hold off...a bit.

First off - the sideboard.  I totally wanted this piece o' furniture for holidays like this (however I struggle at Christmas with it.  Hopefully not this year).  

I think they have the cutest side view!

I do love catching pups in my pics.  They are my shadows so they are bound to show up at some point.

Then I have a few little pieces that I put in random places.

No need to tell me - I know these things need ironed.  I just love them so much because my mom always had ones like these growing up on our table so I had to pull them right out of the bin and onto the table.

I only have a few pieces in the family room.  Pictures of our family room remind me we need to do something with this undecorated spot.  However the glamour shot of Nate (see second shelf from the top on the left) is not going anywhere.  At least the HGTV show that was captured looks equally plain.

The dining room just got a couple pumpkins I picked up from Walmart in the place I formally had some glass balls.

Haven't quite figured out how to lay them yet...

 Also have my little witch hats.

I had to give Nate specific instructions that these towels are for decoration and NOT to wipe dirty things on.  We will see how long that lasts.

Am I the only crazy?  Anyone else put out some Halloween fun?

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  1. I was kinda tempted to do some decorating, but then I remembered I'm the worst holiday decorator EVER and don't have anything. So unless the holiday fairy drops a bag of decor on my's gonna have to wait. I DO have a pumpkin for my lil pumpkin already though. Sitting on my kitchen table. #holidayfail

  2. p.s. Your Halloween stuff is adorable and not at all too early. Already saw someone with faux jack-o-lanterns on their porch this weekend.

    1. So many people in my neighborhood have real pumpkins out! I will probably get some soon, but I always get worried about them going bad...