Monday, July 1, 2013

Why You Should Never Cheat on Your Hairstylist

I am a bad person.  I cheated.  I never considered myself a cheater and have high moral standards but I did the damn thing.  I knew I was cheating, but thought a little trim wouldn't be a big deal, right?  I tried getting into my usual hairstylist at the last minute (who is amazing and awesome) like the procrastinator I am but she did not have availability (found out later she was on vacation) so I thought, "what's the big deal in going somewhere close by for a little trim?  It is cheaper, closer, and they have availability!"  Seemed like a no-brainer to just go get it done!

Well, I got butchered.  I feel awful, and did not tell the girl I didn't like it, but man it was BAD!  I walked in and they gave me to the girl who I found out had just finished school and I got a bad feeling, but stayed.  Why didn't I just leave?  I felt bad and thought I was there and might as well give it a shot.  I told her I wanted a trim and a little shaping in the back where it felt heavy and even had photos to make sure I was getting my point across and now I have no hair left.  I am being dramatic (per usual), but honestly, I got robbed!  Or as Carrie on SATC said after getting a Brazilian wax, "I got mugged!"  I do think there are two sides to the story and maybe she thought I wanted more than what I said, but I am not sure how the front wasn't touched and the back is a stacked bob?

The results.  Can you tell my face is like, "WTF just happened to me??"  I mean, if you saw me from either front or back you might think it was cute.  But if you saw BOTH front and back you would think my hair got stuck in a lawnmower.

Again, I don't blame her, I should have stopped her when I could feel the scissors trimming and trimming and trimming when all I wanted was just one trim.  Not thousands.  So I absolutely blame myself!

Insert hero: I texted my loving hairstylist (Missy at Spalon Edina) to fess up, send her pics of the damage, and see what I needed to do.  I apologized for being a cheater and begged for forgiveness.  She saw the pics and told me to come out to her house even though she is on vacation and with her family and relaxing - she wanted to help me!  We live about 35 minutes away from each other but it was worth it!  She sat me in her living room and fixed away.  She even said it was the worst haircut she has ever seen.  That is when you know it's bad because I'm guessing I'm not her only "project"!

The results: so much better (let's pretend like these aren't awkward selfies)!

I left with a much shorter 'do but at least it is a sane and professional looking cut, and one of my good friends even said it is a cut she has been thinking of doing!  So I am very thankful for the fix, but man, I wish I had just had some patience and gone to her from the beginning since I wasn't wanting a short bob at this moment! :)

Moral of the story - don't cheat on your stylist!  If you can't get in, just tell yourself it is your fault for procrastinating and you will have to wait.  It really is a relationship and if you are with a stylist for a while they will learn your likes, how your hair works, how it doesn't work, and know the way you communicate so there are never issues with results, and when there are issues you have that relationship and can tell them!  If she had done this cut to me (which she never would have) I would have felt OK saying that I didn't like the way it was heading, whereas with this other girl I didn't have that relationship with and didn't want to hurt her feelings.  I am so thankful that my hairstylist stepped in to save the day and forgave me for being a cheater!  Now here's to overdosing on Biotin for the next few months to try and get some length! :)

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  1. It looks really cute now that you got it fixed!! You would probably look good with any haircut. But I feel you--I'm without a hairstylist right now since I just moved to a new city so I've been going to the cosmetology school temporarily. I make sure to make appointments with the most experienced students who are about to graduate, but this time when I got there they had switched me to someone who had just started school in January! Yikes! Luckily she knew what "just a trim" meant and did a good job. But I need to find a new stylist ASAP!

    1. Oh you are too nice! Clearly I can't pull off any haircut (evidence above). Ha! Good luck on your search for finding a new stylist! And when you find a good one, hold on for dear life! :)

  2. I think it looks nice, but I understand not wanting a short bob (I prefer them in the winter, and long hair in the summer). I don't have a regular stylist, I blame college and the fact that I don't color my hair, so 2-3 times a year I go to a Juut Salon because I trust them to not hire idiots. And let them work their magic. I am however jealous of people who have a stylist.

  3. I can relate to this post in so many ways! I, too, go to Spalon in Edina and whenever I go to someone else I immediately regret it! So glad your hair got fixed...It's really cute. A girl needs her hair stylist! p.s. Love reading your blog!