Friday, June 14, 2013

Fashion Friday!

Happy Friday!  I am so excited for the upcoming weekend.  We are driving to Iowa tonight for one of my best girlfriend's (Kristin) shower in the morning!  I LOVE seeing my childhood friends preggers.  We have known each other at so many stages of life (remember these pics?)and this is another amazing stage! 

For this week's Fashion Friday, I procrastinated.  Big time.  Nate and I took these last night after our neighborhood girl's night (sweaty and rough with red eyes because I touched my eyeball after cutting jalapeno) and the sun was disappearing.  The highlight - we heard my favorite neighbor whistling at us out the window! :) 

I love this dress from Target because first, it is from Target, and second, it is so versatile!  It pretty much goes with any accessories, and is crazy comfy and not too short!  We took some pics how I would wear it normally, then added in some patriotic accents!  Versatility in a wardrobe is key!

Again, this is what happens when your hubs has to take your pictures for you - blurry central with junk in the background of all of your pictures.  Lindsey and I desperately need to get together!

Dress: Target, Orange Necklace: gift from Mom in Key West, Shoes: Target,  Cardigan: Target, Berry Necklace: boutique in Chicago, heels: Urban Outfitters

Have a great weekend!

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