Monday, May 13, 2013

Under Porch Dilemma

Nate and I absolutely love sitting outside when it is nice with the little girls!  While our porch is perfect and we just love, our walk-out basement is struggling. 

We have almost an acre of yard, but it is very unusable.  It is a weird shape and more space on the sides of the house than in the actual backyard.

Because of this, I would love to have some type of pavers under the porch for the walkout and then come out to the side of the house for a little downstairs patio area.

This photo makes the grass look better than it really is.  And I know it looks bad here!

We have had two companies come out and look at options, and sounds like we are sort of in a bind for a while to do anything outside of the main area under the porch because our lawn ever so slightly slopes.  Boo!  So for now, we will probably just have pavers underneath the actual porch until we can stretch the budget a little further.  The good thing about pavers is you can always add to them and it doesn't look goofy (supposedly). 

I found a few photos on Google that I liked.  It seems the possibilities are endless!  I like how these ones aren't a perfect rectangle under the porch.



Someday it would be fun to have more of a separated seating area, but again, we would have to deal with the sloping issue.


Has anyone done something similar in your yard?  Or what have you done in your backyard to make it a nice retreat? 

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