Monday, April 15, 2013

House Tour - Main Level

Disclaimer:  I am hoping to refer to this as the "before" post for our main level. I'm sure nothing will look all that different or drastic in the photos, but to me it will hopefully feel like a lot!  Plus, one of my favorite posts to read on other's blogs are their home tour posts!

When we purchased our home, we were able to pick out the layout and finishes that we wanted, but other than that it was a blank slate!  Amazing in some ways: no weird smells/stains from past owners, can totally do what we want with decor, totally ours to make our own!  But also semi challenging in other ways: absolutely zero window coverings (which was ok when we moved in and had no neighbors but now the neighborhood is full), missing a lot of shelving/compartments you take for granted, and also one solid wall color in the entire house.  We had the option to leave the walls white, or pick a color that we wanted all the walls painted so it looked a little less stark when we moved in.  The color we chose was Glidden Desert Beige - this is where I went wrong.  It is nice that we didn't have to move in and paint everywhere, but three years later and I am STILL living in a beige land!  And mind you, I think tan is my least favorite color (unless it is on a spray tan!).  I am definitely feeling over due for switching out some of the beige and get some more grey or color onto our walls!  Do not get me wrong - I LOVE OUR HOUSE!  I am beyond grateful for our home and it is my favorite place in the world.  Clearly one of my biggest hobbies is decorating and finding projects and I am just ready to add some more finishing touches.

This was also great practice of trying out my new camera!  I still know nothing - but at least these are better than my cell phone pics!

So without further ado, the current state of our main floor!  Come on in!

One thing we fell in love with instantly with this house was all the archways!  Insta-character!

When you walk in, our living room is the first room to the right.  I am still loving our curtains!

This room's to-do list: Wall color, slipcover for couch (and hopefully someday new couch), and I would love more shelving/display type furniture.  And I have one or two empty frames.  But I do love this room right now!

The living room is connected to the dining room.  This room is one of two rooms in our house that are not beige (master is purple) and Nate hates it.  We thought we were picking out a golden color and it is LIME in better lighting.  I am OK with it, but we do need to change.  Otherwise this room is pretty much done!  Also still loving our dining room curtains!

The dining room also connects into the kitchen.  My first post ever is on this backsplash! Ah...memories.  Not much to do here either other than either window treatments or something for the doors to the porch, paint that back wall color, and paint the "under bar".

We absolutely love how open the kitchen/family room area is.  It feels like one space!  The to-do's are more daunting here - I would LOVE if some HGTV/DIY show came and figured it out for us! :)  Lots of paint needed (possibly accent the wall of the fireplace?), we want some sort of art or canvases on top of the shelves framing the fireplace wall, figure out how to style the shelves, we need curtains, I want to get top/down blinds for our giant window...definitely the harder room.  But also our favorite room and the room we are in the most!

My birthday cards are still on the fireplace - and driving Nate crazy.

The family room leads into our back hallway that has a small mudroom, laundry room, full bath and Nate's office/dog's room.  I would love to paint this area but it isn't a huge priority.

In my dream home, I would have those teal blue/green Electrolux washer/dryers!  So cute!

Could have cleaned, but this is honestly the usual state of our mudroom.  Shameful.

And I have to keep my paws of Nate's office because it is HIS room. :)

So that's the main floor!  I would love and am hoping to make a lot of progress on this floor since it is what most people see when visiting.  I hope to have lots of updates for you soon!

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  1. I love the layout of your house Laura. The arches are great! And the photo of your two cute puppies looking out the window is darling! Can't wait to see what you do next!

    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely love it but am ready to get some personality in there! :)