Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wedding Card Book

A while back I pinned a few ideas of making a book out of wedding cards.  I thought this was such a cute idea to save and display notes from people that mean so much to us.  No chance I could throw the cards away - they are so special and they are all from people that are our biggest supporters on one of the biggest days of our lives!

The link I pinned was broken (of course) but this project is pretty self explanatory.  Sidebar - this "easy" project took hours.  Hole punching is not for the faint of heart.  But I did enjoy doing this because I read every single card as I was going along.

I grabbed my bucket of miscellaneous wedding items and began!

First I organized our cards by size.

Then I split into two groups because I realized there is no chance these could all fit in one book!  Large cards and small cards.

Then the punching began.  I did one card, then used that as the pattern for lining up the rest.

I would lace them through ribbon as I went along.

After doing about 10 cards I was certain my palm would be bruised for life.  I enlisted reinforcements.  Nate was a little crazier with his punching, as you can see by the little girls covered in hole punches.

Sprinks was not amused by the flying hole punches so she became a billy goat and hopped up high.

After quite a bit of time (more like HOURS - like I said, not for the faint of heart!), we were done!  Thanks Natey!

Chim was proud of herself for helping.

We still have the small book to do, but this took enough out of us.  At least they are organized and easy to look at!  I want to add our program or invitation to the front as a cover, so stay tuned for the exciting update of this project! :)

Have you done anything with your wedding cards?


  1. I did this with my wedding cards! I used rings though, so there were only so many that could fit. I have only complete about half of them, and have yet to find a nice bow to tie around. I'm like you though, I pinned this idea a while ago, and once I got around to it, I had to muster up energy to finish it!(and there is still some finishing to be done!)

  2. Ah Laura I want to do this! I couldn't bear to get rid of our wedding cards either and I have them all in a big box too! Great idea! I better fire up my hole punching muscles! :)