Monday, December 24, 2012

Final Christmas Decor Post

Saddened to say I am guessing this is the final Christmas decor post.  Well, hopefully not if I find any good clearance items after Christmas.  I just hit up a few Michael's as they have such cute Christmas decor and it is all 60-70% off!  I found some great deals, if I say so myself!

Loved these red and silver snowflakes and am hoping to find more of them for the tree next year.

I also stocked up on their ribbon/deco mesh that was on clearance.  Score!

Another find today was lighted garland so we could wrap our banister!  That was on my list for post Christmas clearance finds, but pre Christmas is even better!  Love the over-sized ornaments with it.

One thing I did not find that I was hoping was the gingerbread mugs I saw on Kandee Johnson's site.  I am going to attempt two more Michael's in the cities in the next few days before giving up.  Probably won't add mustaches like she did, but just love them regardless!

Will you be mine someday?
Love Christmas decorating but can't believe it all comes down in a little over a week! I will enjoy it while I can.  Have a safe and happy holiday!

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