Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Explosion!

This past weekend was so fun and busy!  Not only did I have a pageant send off party for a friend, and a baby shower for another friend, AND took a quick Christmas card photo with Lindsey Koch Photography, but out came the Christmas boxes!  I work at a small business that I love, but one of the downfalls is that everyone is required to work on Black Friday, AKA no long Thanksgiving weekend for this girl.

Chimi and Sprinkles at their photo shoot

No worries, however.  That just means I decorate the weekend before Thanksgiving!  Down to the basement I went and began grabbing the five (ahem, and growing) bins of decor.  I absolutely love dragging them upstairs and taking over the entire floor deciding where to put everything.  I usually start with the tree since my collection of ornaments takes a lot of the space.  Since my mom turned me into a Christmas fanatic early, I have been collecting ornaments for decades.  Some of my newest favorite ornaments are the personalized ones that Nate and I get every year!  We got our first one after only six months of dating.  I knew he was a keeper if he supported my Christmas obsession.

Another favorite ornament of Nate's, the Adrian Peterson ornament, next to one of my favorites, the Rockette ornament!

Since I used my old tree topper on my cupcake tree, I started looking for a new tree topper early.  Almost instantly I found the most perfect tree topper that I am pretty sure was made for me!  I have been drooling over this dang thing for almost a month now, and decided I couldn't wait for the sales.  It is mine!

I thought my tree looked so cute, stepped back and took a photo.  Something seemed to be missing.

Then I remembered I bought a cute whimsical spray from Michael's.  Duh!  Such a fun accent on the tree.

I am so happy with how it turned out!

One thing I am not so happy with is my sideboard.  This time of year is the whole reason I wanted one!  I had visions of a cute Christmas scene, houses, fake snow, or something magical happening.  Not so much.  It pretty much became the island of misfit decor that I couldn't  figure out where else to display.  I am in desperate need of the perfect table runner and need to edit the contents on the table.  Rats.  Definitely in progress.

I do love my chair covers, another recent addition to my collection this year.  So fun!

Nate said that our house looks like a Christmas explosion, which I take as a compliment!  Merry Christmas!  I mean, Happy Thanksgiving! 

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