Thursday, November 16, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 will definitely be memorable but we are sure glad it is over! The twins had their endoscopies/flexible sigmoidoscopies on Halloween, which is also the one year anniversary of us finding out we were having twins!

We did have some fun days leading up to Halloween luckily. Like Bradley's preschool Halloween party! 

His sisters wore their Halloween best.

Sidebar - the morning of the party I thought it would be fun to stop at Starbucks and get Bradley his first kid's hot chocolate - so cute until he spilled it all over his clothes and we had to race home and change him before school.

Our neighborhood has a fun Halloween party that a few of my friends put together - they are so amazing and generous to do this for all of the kids (and parents!). Bradley LOVED decorating (and eating) his sugar cookie. 

And posing with Dada!

When they got back they carved our pumpkins!

Both sets of girls and I watched. I don't like pumpkin guts. :)

In the beginning of October I had orange and black nails...

...and then for Halloween I went multi colored!

Bradley with his sisters! Anytime he is around them we are close - moments like this are cute but make us nervous. Ha!

Final sidebar - we no longer have little kid potties in our house. I was feeding one of the twins and Bradley ran off to "oof", then ran back and said Sprinkles was eating a "snack". Ummm....that was NOT what I wanted to clean up off of the floors and all over Sprinkles paws, mouth, beard, body... So long story short the mini potties are gone! :)

Banished to the tub while I cleaned up the mess
Then it was Halloween and time to find out what is going on with the girls. I haven't really said anything on my blog, but if you follow on Instagram you know it has been a LONG five and a half months for us trying to figure out the girl's issues. 

Their little room was so sweet.

The procedures were quick and went ok. Not fun (like Jojo having oxygen issues...) but over. They were super sad and fussy the rest of the day so Grandma and I handed out candy and hung with the twins while Nate and Bradley trick or treated.

How Carmen feels about this day.

The results came back clear which was great, but basically means the girls have just had the world's worst case of colic. Ugh! But we are super thankful we haven't found any major issue. Other than we haven't slept in over half a year. Ha.

We hope everyone had a great Halloween! Now let's deck the halls!

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