Saturday, October 21, 2017

Halloween Ready!

I've been saying I'm going to do it for years and I finally did it! I redid the deco mesh on my Halloween front porch garland!

If you know me or have been following along on here or Instagram very long, then you know my love for deco mesh. I think I love it because it is a fool proof craft and doesn't have to be perfect. I don't have the patience for perfection (in any area of life, haha) so it makes me so happy! I have a little history of some of my favorite front porches here that shows a bunch of my deco mesh wreaths I have made. That post is old and I have had some others that I like more since then!

When I first did the porch garland in 2014 I had lime mesh and it looked like this: (full post here). 

We stored it in a big bucket so each year that I pulled it out and put it up the mesh got more and more destroyed looking. I pulled it out this year and was trying to fluff and make it look acceptable and decided NOPE! I will take an hour and redo this bad boy! Decorating is my absolute stress reliever and hobby so it is worth my precious time! :)

I ripped off the lime mesh and was ready to go!

I put the purple mesh on first. It isn't as opaque and bold as the lime so it definitely needed another layer.

So I added the Halloween stripe and it helped a ton!

Then I added in the pumpkins and witch hats (hard to see the hats).

Finally the pumpkin light strands and she is ready!!

I loved the lime door for its brightness and whimsy, but this does feel even more Halloween-y with the darker colors.

I always love seeing it at night!

Inside I have my beloved Starbucks Halloween house, 

and usual sideboard that Bradley redecorates daily. I also have some stuff out on the built ins but it isn't pretty enough for a pic. Ha!

This wasn't for Halloween but how cute are the twins as little Helga Vikings fans??

And they are loving their Halloween jammies. :)

See my last post for the girl's adorable Halloween costumes. :)

The girls have endoscopies scheduled on Halloween so we probably will shut down our house for trick or treaters at like 7pm. Bummer, but what can you do. We disabled our doorbell when the girls were born so it shouldn't be a problem!

Are you ready for Halloween?

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