Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fun October Weekend

How is October halfway over already? We had a great weekend with my parents here. Having extra hands to hold babies and help out is amazing and so appreciated! I even got to get pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes for their 5 month pictures! :)

On Instagram I wrote "Someday my prince will come" but then had to follow up with "or not - it's cool to be an independent woman!" :)

Jojo loved being Cinderella. I hope these still fit them in January for our Disney trip!

Our first stop on our weekend of fun was the orchard! Papa, Nate and Bradley picked apples while Grandma, the twins and I ate food. :) 

Bradley was kind of scared, then kind of obsessed with this bear. :)

Then he had to come back for an apple donut.

Carmen thought Papa was hilarious! 

And we got a family pic!


Then we stopped at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store where Bradley had to scream at the top of his lungs over everything in there...

The girls were festive for the day! 

And moving so much - twin pics are almost impossible now!

Jojo :)

We made caramel apples - kind of. Didn't have sticks so we did what we could. :)

Bradley was happy about the chocolate!

All that is left on my fall "bucket list" is to carve pumpkins...then I'm ready to bring out the Christmas decor! :) 

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