Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall Is Here!

Summer was a big time blur and basically didn't happen for me, but that is ok because fall is here! Christmas is my favorite holiday but fall is my favorite season because of the weather, activities, everything! We have already been hitting up some of our favorite places and things to do with the crew. Of course, Sever's is number one!

I posted on Instagram that you can't have twins and not dress them up for holidays - I think it is a law or something. :)

Bradley matched his sisters but he is much harder to stop to get pics of!

He was soooo excited to have some of our besties join us!

Back again another weekend!

It was a warm day so the girls got to show some skin! :)

More besties!

The front door was ready for fall as well of course.

And my nails.

We also went to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store for pumpkins (and no candy!!)

Being a scarecrow!

Nate and Bradley found their Halloween costumes! Haha!

Driving? :)

In twin news, they got their first colds this past week so even though Nate and I weren't getting much sleep before, now we are getting NO sleep since the girls can't breathe laying down. It has really been affecting me and my sweet friend Heidi came to the rescue - she brought her hubs and three kids over to watch the twins and play with Bradley so Nate and I could go to dinner for the first time alone in over a year! Just having a mini break to actually make eye contact and sit and eat food while it was hot that I didn't have to think about or prepare was amazing! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the change of season. 

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