Friday, September 15, 2017

Our DockATot Experience

When we found out we were having the twins, one of the items on the top of my list to get were Dockatots. I have been following them on social media for a while and saw so many different people using and loving so I had to get. My parents got them as a birthday gift for us so we were so excited! I have been getting lots of questions on Instagram so I thought it would be easier to compile those here.

It seems like anyone who has a Dockatot raves and raves about how it is the only thing their baby will sleep in. We were most excited about it because we coslept with Bradley, and we just had him in between us on the bed which was probably NOT a good idea, but it was what we did for survival with a newborn! With twins, we knew we had to look at everything so in addition to making sure we had a spot to put them if we coslept again, we purchased Owlet Smart Socks with a super generous gift card from a family friend. We started with the girls in Rock N Plays next to our bed at night, and one of the first nights Jolie's Owlet monitor alarm went off saying she had low oxygen! We freaked and still aren't sure if it was a false alarm or true, but got her out of that Rock N Play and never had her in there at night after that. Enter - the Dockatot! 

She slept (and still sleeps in it now at 4 months old!) soooo well! She is right in between us on the bed and we love that if she drops her paci, we just pop it back in her mouth without getting up, if she is hungry I can just lift her up to feed, we can hear her little breathing noises right next to our head, awesome! So this has been amazing for her and us since we are cosleepers. 

We tried putting two Dockatots between us and having Carmen in one as well, but there just wasn't enough room for two in our king bed so Carmen sleeps in a crib next to our bed. She does't sleep as well as Jolie and it could be because Jolie has the Dockatot or maybe Carmen is just not as awesome as a sleeper? Who knows. But for us, this arrangement is working.

What Dockatots are truly meant for (and awesome for!) is resting and lounging while awake. Unfortunately, we can't use them as often as we would like for this because with a crazy toddler running around it just isn't safe, but probably for anyone else this would be perfect! You can lay these on the floor, next to you on the couch, and also travel with them! I see a lot of people bringing them outside on a picnic blanket or to the park so their baby has a comfy and cozy spot to lay down. They also sell a toy arch which I wish we had purchased from the start. We have traveled with our Dockatots to the lake which is the only place we have gone since they were born, and they are so light and travel perfectly since they come in a zipped travel bag.

Now for the elephant in the room - safety. Obviously that is priority number one, and a big hot topic with Dockatots. They make it VERY clear on their website and on the label on the actual product to NOT use these in cribs even though I know that is how you see them used most. Because of that safety issue, I did one crib nap and was too nervous and haven't used it in a crib since. We haven't needed to since we use the Merlin Sleep Suits for naps in their crib, but keep in mind - they are NOT approved for crib use! Even cosleeping they kind of skirt the issue on their site and I'm not sure they are technically approved for that, because they say you must always supervise a baby in their Dockatot. So unless you plan on staying up all night long supervising your baby, it probably isn't approved! But every item you purchase for a baby is a personal choice as a parent, and it felt safer to us than a Rock N Play (that also says you aren't to use for sleep and I know many parents use - including us previously!) or swing at night because it is flat back. So moral of the story, use your best parental judgement on what works for you.

I am super glad we have these and they have been a great item for us! Keep the questions coming if you are curious and I missed anything! 

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