Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bradley's 3rd Birthday!

We have a 3 year old!

We had lots of fun things planned for Bradley's birthday week. His Aunt Amy took Tuesday off so we could go see Bubble Guppies and Sea Life at the Mall of America (I can't go anywhere with the twins AND Bradley yet. I would lose one or more children). He was SO shy of the Guppies. :)

Then on Wednesday he got a birthday balloon at school!

On his actual birthday we went to Como Zoo in the morning with Grandma and the twins. He was in a sour mood so that wasn't the greatest. His favorite part was getting a new shark from Grandma. :)

But then for dinner Dada met all of us at the Rainforest Cafe treated by Grandma! We almost cancelled our reservation because of the bad reviews online but I am SO glad we didn't. We had the sweetest server, we actually really liked the food and Bradley could not have loved the ambience more!

He started off a little nervous of all the sights and sounds.

Then he got really curious.

And loved coloring pictures with Dada.

The girls did well with all the crazy noises, too!

(They wore their best rainforest apparel).

Bradley got pizza and actually ate a lot of it! Such a picky eater...

Pointing at the gorillas! Love how their kids meals come on cafeteria trays. :)

Nate and I both ordered the guacamole burger and delicious fries and ranch. 

My mom got fish tacos and liked them.

Of course we had to get the volcano for the birthday boy!

Loving his dessert!

Then Dada and Bradley stayed to go on rides and Bradley had the time of his life! I was so glad his birthday ended on a great note!

Then it was party time! I love planning his birthday parties so I was semi bummed to be able to put zero time into it this year. He loves Thomas so of course we had to do that as the theme, and it made it super easy to plan since you can purchase all the decor ready to go!

We also got our second pic ever as a family of 5!

We got a cake (marble with buttercream) from Hy-Vee and it was way tastier than I thought it would be. I'm not a big cake person and ate more than my fair share!

Sooo shy during the birthday song. :)

We kept the food easy and tasty.

So many of Bradley's favorite people were there!

The girls were supportive in their Thomas apparel.

After his nap he opened his gifts and loved playing with them!

And we got the cutest pic of Papa with the girls!

Carmen has found her hand - yes!

Wearing his new birthday Thomas jammies. :)

Checking out Papa's amazing art skills.

Then he had his 3 year wellness check up - 99% for height and 96% for weight. Big dude!

We got this Thomas bed on Craigslist earlier this month as our main birthday gift for Bradley. He has been in his crib up until now and hasn't tried to escape but we knew we had to transition at some point. He is obsessed and it has been such an easy transition! Can't believe it! We still have the crib in there to threaten if needed. :)

We are all recovering now from the fun filled week! I'm so glad we were able to focus so much on Bradley since he hasn't had it the easiest with being a big brother to two new sisters. We love him SO much and are so proud of our big buddy!

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