Saturday, August 12, 2017

4th of July 2017

How was the 4th of July holiday over a month ago?? Can't believe time has flown so much. 

We had an awesome time at the lake with the full fam! My parents, my brother, SIL and their 3 boys, came in from Chicago, and the twins had their first 4th of July at the lake, too! (7 weeks old) Here is lots of picture spam from our week!

The cousins went strawberry picking before we got into town but we got to eat them all week.

We always love cousin bathies! :)

And matching cousin jammies!

How we bribe to get pics. :)

Tyler looooooves babies. 

So does Aunt Shannon!

Yogurt breakfast!

The twins and I stayed in most of the time but everyone else enjoyed the great weather! First they went to PM Park.

Patriotic apparel all day every day!

Great Gram, Great Papa and Aunt Coco (Kate) came up, too!

Then we made our flag fruit pizza like always!

Matching shirts from my Dad!

My brother has the best Breaking Bad shirt!

Beach time! 

The boys love their new towels from Grandma!

Our neighbors let us use their water trampoline - so fun for the boys!

The girls got a little fresh air, too. :)

The cousins all love to attack Papa. We had to create a rule that it was not allowed anymore.

Much better. :)


Carnival time!

And of course boating.

And more babies!

We love having all of this time together since we all live in different states! (Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois). 

Papa picked out the cutest outfits for the girls!

It always goes too fast but it was awesome to be together! Can't wait until next year!

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