Monday, July 31, 2017

Carmen and Jolie's Birth Story

Wow! So much time has passed and a lot has happened but I still want to have this documented to look back on someday. I feel like Carmen and Jolie's birth story isn't very exciting (Bradley's had more ups and downs) and I am SO grateful for that! I couldn't believe how smoothly things went, how easy it was for us, how easily they came out and were so healthy. We are beyond thankful!

On May 12 (Nate's birthday!) we went out to eat with some of our best friends (Alex and Jina) to celebrate. That day I had noticed my right leg was way more swollen than my left, and since at my appointment earlier that week I was dilated to a 5, my doctor said to call if there were any changes. I went in and they weren't as concerned about the swelling but at that point I was dilated to a 6 so the doctor wanted to monitor me over night. Since I wasn't quite 37 weeks (36 weeks and 5 days) they didn't want to go ahead at that moment. Nate dropped off some stuff for me (he stayed with Bradley at home) and I spent the night at the hospital.

Dad's in backpacks :)

Celebrating Dada's birthday

The next morning the nurses were saying they would be shocked if I was sent home because I was having contractions and dilated to a 6 (with even riskier). They said I might not feel the pain from the contractions until I am a 9 or 10 and if they sent me home have twins in the car or something! :) When the doctor came in she saw my contractions and that I was a 7 by that point and decided to get things moving.

So the first thing I did (after telling Nate to get moving!) was call my guardian angel - nurse Amy! We met when delivering Bradley and she made what was a not awesome situation so much more amazing and truly why we had the best birth possible for Bradley (with a terrible doc). We have kept in touch and she said even if she wasn't working, she would come in to help deliver the twins. Unfortunately, she wasn't working but came in the second I let her know things were moving! My angel always there!

The epidural was first on the list and holy moly is that scary when you aren't already in pain and needing it at the moment. I had the same anesthesiologist as last time and even though last time he was MIA and in a bad mood, I felt comforted knowing he did a good job previously and I had no side effects! All went well and it was way less painful than I was imagining it being. But still freaking frightening.

Then the doc came in and broke the water for Baby A (Carmen) to get things rolling! I don't really remember much for the next few hours other than relaxing and waiting. Everything was so much more smooth and easy going than Bradley's day. 

A few hours later I remember them saying it was time to move to the OR (twins deliver in OR regardless in case of an emergency C section and also for the extra space for the two babies!). I was wheeled down the hallway to the OR and greeted by tons of people! I knew there would be a lot but it was a party in there - ha! 

Off to the OR! Nate looks so cute in scrubs!

They had to tell me when to push because of the epidural and after a few pushes Carmen came out! It never gets old seeing your baby(ies) for the first time. I held her for a few minutes and then they took her over to get checked and Nate went with. I wasn't sure what would happen to get Jolie moving, so I have no idea what they did but it seemed like she kind of slid down on her own. At one point I felt my water break and it splashed all over the doc! Eek! Luckily she had a splash guard on...sorry doc! A few pushes later and Jolie came out no big deal! It was so fast Nate was still standing over by Carmen and they had to call him over to meet Jolie. :)

We were there for a little bit longer getting stitched up (TMI) and then wheeled back to our room. I was in shock at how fast and simple it was for us - thank God for amazing doctors and nurses to make it that way for us! 

The girls were so healthy - it was amazing! They had some low blood sugars but once that was figured out everything was great at the hospital. They barely ever cried - until it was time to go. Twins coming through! 

More pics from the day.

The following week I had some weird health stuff (heart palpitations, shortness of breath, still some swelling) so I ended up in the ER for testing to make sure I didn't have a blood clot, heart failure, etc. So many more things can go haywire with a multiples pregnancy! I did have mastitis so I got meds for that but otherwise I was diagnosed with "postpartum state". Ha! It is a big deal with two humans, two placentas, two sacs, and lots of blood leaving your body at once! Basically my organs didn't know where to go now that they had all of that vacant space. Yeesh. I'm feeling so much better now and very glad for that.

We are all still adjusting to our new normal but so in love! Even these two are loving the new additions! :)

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Family of Five

Life with twins and a toddler is CRAY CRAY! As you can see, I haven't posted in over a month. I have been lighting up Instagram so you can always look there if you want to see the mayhem that is our life. :) 

But last month we took family pics with Lindsey Koch Photography and we love love love them!! The first photo is pretty standard for how life is around here now. Except more crying (for everyone, ha!). Thank you Lindsey for capturing our family!

Bradley's face kills me here. :)

And here. :)

Nate also took a bunch of pics with the kids since I had pictures when he was at work with the twins.

And some with Bradley. :)

Bradley's glamour shot time!

This will probably be our only pic of Bradley with the girls for a while...he is a little rough to say the least!

Love my family of five!

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