Monday, May 15, 2017

Twin Maternity Family Pics

Our 6th wedding anniversary was on May 7 and I told Nate I wanted maternity/family pics for our last time as a family of three to celebrate. Like always, we had Lindsey Koch Photography take the photos and she didn't disappoint - even with Bradley having a meltdown for most of it! :) She took our maternity pics for Bradley and we just love them! 

When we got there, she wanted to capture a real life pic of how we showed up - Bradley grouchy with his potty in the stroller and me with my belly/back support band over my clothes. This will be a classic family photo for us. :)

Poor little buddy.

Getting comforted by his Daddy.

Peeking at Lindsey. :)

Another classic - immobile 36 weeks pregnant (with twins) me trying to get up from sitting and Bradley trying to escape. Nate deals with a lot from us. :)

Had to snap some pics with my new obsession - these Polka Dot Print Shop Baby Books!

Thank you Lindsey for more photos we will love forever!

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