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Hospital Bag - Packing for Twins!

I had a lot of help with getting my hospital bags packed for Bradley, so I wanted to do a follow up on how I am packing this time around! I absolutely am still overpacking because you never know what you will need! Last time we brought lots of bags as seen here and I have never ever wished I packed less for something, but almost always wish I had brought something along!

This time is a tiny bit different as well because, well, we are having twins! I probably should have been on it to pack earlier because twins can come much sooner than singles (I will be induced at 38 weeks if they haven't made an appearance on their own) even though Bradley was induced at 41 weeks. Luckily I am still currently pregnant at 35 weeks (this pic is from last week), and finally getting my act together and packing.

Baby Stuff

We didn't end up using any of Bradley's clothes in the hospital other than his going home outfit! He was swaddled in the hospital Halo Swaddle with his diaper on the whole time.  I'm not sure if we were supposed to put clothes on him there or leave swaddled? New parents, we didn't know, and I guess I still don't know. :) So this time I still have some comfy jammies and going home outfits for the girls, but not sure what will get used.  But again, I would rather bring too much that I bring home clean than not have enough! And I have to keep reminding myself this is TWO babies, not one!

One recommendation that I got on Instagram recently is to bring their baby books to the hospital, especially because I am obsessed with their Polka Dot Print Shop Books! I absolutely love love love this idea - you can get their little footprints put right in, write down any visitors or gifts, etc. Perfect to just have in my bag in case.

Here is the packing list I used for Bradley with updates/additions and notes for this time.

Packing list for babies:
-Pacifiers - Bradley was (and still is for sleeping) a paci lover and this saved us in the hospital last time! Nate and I had blank stares at each other when he wouldn't stop crying on Day 2 and we found a pacifier in my bag. Stopped crying instantly!

First paci - we use exclusively MAM brand now but this is all we had at the time

-Baby mittens - I never used these for Bradley and probably should have. He always had scratches!
-Hats - also never used. Have a couple for the girls so we will see if they get put on. :)
-A few onesies/PJs for each
-2 outfits each (going home outfit/hospital photo outfit)

Planning on this for their going home outfits
-Swaddle blanket not bringing this time because I never used with Bradley!
-Toy/stuffed animal for cuteness - I can't wait to get pics of the girls with the sweet unicorn stuffed animals from my mom!
-Sensitive baby wipes - we love Pampers Sensitive Wipes so for sure bringing these. Our hospital uses Pampers Swaddlers (so do we) so no need to bring those.
-Burp cloth I'm not even sure where ours are from Bradley. :) The hospital has these for sure.

Funny little man!

-Halo sleep sack our hospital gives us these! Otherwise they would absolutely be on the list.
-Aspirator - definitely bringing our Nose Frida! I still can't use these - grosses me out and I can't get the suction right but Nate is a champ. :)
-Comb and nail clippers
-Soft blankets - we LOVE our Little Giraffe blankets that our friends Alex and Jina got for Bradley and also for the girls!
-Car seats - we used Uppababy Mesa seats for Bradley and will for the girls, too!
-Breastfeeding pillow - I still have my Nook Niche but not sure if it will work for twins? I have a twin feeding pillow from a friend so that might be a better bet. This is an absolute necessity!
-Light box - I have been doing my weekly bump pics with the light box and want to do it for the twins, too. ;)

Mom Stuff

The Gownie was my personal favorite item I packed! It was SO nice having my own hospital gown to wear, and especially since it is longer than most hospital versions! (tall girl probz)

Smiling pre-pitocin
I went through all of my packed clothes last time, and wish I brought more!  I ended up wearing the same tank pretty much the whole time because it is comfy, and the same darker sweat pants. And I did wear my going home outfit to and from the hospital and loved.  This is not a fashion show, give me comfy loose clothes that don't put pressure on you know where! :)

Packing list for Mom:
-Nursing bras
-Lots of dark colored roos (undies)
-Lanolin/Medela cream/gel smoothies The Motherlove Nipple Cream is where it is at! I had thrush with Bradley from using different creams and the gel soothies (learned too late that you need to air your nips out, too, not keep them damp the whole time) and once I switched to airing out and using the Motherlove Cream only, they were healed! You can nurse with it on as well and not have to wipe off. We love this stuff for everything - I use it on Bradley's face if he has dry skin or raw spots in the winter and it heals up right away.
-Shower flip flops
-Liz Lange tanks

-Chambray button down
-Loose cardis
-2 pairs dark loose/comfy sweats
-2 zip ups/button downs - love me some zip ups but they aren't the best around babies!
-Coming home sweats/maxi and shoes
-Nurse gifts
-Hospital gown - YES YES YES!
-Toiletries - I have a pre-packed bag of toiletries that I just keep and grab whenever needed so this is ready to go.
-Nursing/delivery robe (the adorable one pictured below is from Shop Pink Blush)

-Nice camera - we are so bad at using this but when we do we are happy we did instead of our phones!

Our hospital gave us all of this, but it goes FAST so next time I will have these in bulk at home
-giant pads
-more witch hazel pads
-Nurse Amy on speed dial :)

Have to bring this tank from one of my friends! :)
Funny new parent sidebar - Nate and I took turns staying awake to watch Bradley when he was born. Rookies!! :) We didn't realize it was ok to sleep when he slept. I think we will feel differently this time. :)

I am feeling more prepared now that I am packed! What else should I be bringing along the second (and third) time around? Any moms of multiples have thoughts? And just a friendly reminder...

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