Monday, April 3, 2017

Twin Nursery Progress

It has been a while since I have done a nursery update so I thought I should share some pics of our progress! You might have seen on Instagram, but we have done a ton since the last post regarding the cute purple closet

The first big change was the cribs arrived! My parents got us these adorable Jenny Lind cribs and I just love how they look in here. We have already rearranged, too.

They have been my storage spot for all the cute crap I have been hoarding to decorate with.

Then Nate started the amazing cloud decals! I am obsessed with how these look in here! He is such a perfectionist and so good at things like this - it took him days, but it looks perfect!

Bradley likes the clouds, too. ;) He loves their cribs as well! He always wants to go in his sisters' room.

Some of my Instastories regarding the nursery decor:

And a not as fun Instastory. :( I can at least get (and keep) my pills down now! I had to add iron/vitamin C because my iron was super low at my glucose test. Not good for twin (or any!) deliveries...

I posted this pic because I couldn't decide if the girls needed one of each stuffed animal (top row), or if it looked cuter paired together (bottom row). I went with one of each. I'm sure they will care so much. :)

Organizing all the stuff! 

One of my good friends sent us two of these adorable Skip Hop unicorn backpacks and Bradley is as obsessed as I am! :) I'm looking for cute hooks to hang/display them in the purple closet. Anyone seen a rainbow or unicorn hook or anything like that? We have a flamingo hook and need one more. Thanks Erica!

Adorable outfits from my friends Elizabeth and Kaylan! Obsessed! Why are girl clothes so stinking cute?

One wall we have been able to finish is the dresser wall! This dresser is already anchored to the wall so it isn't going anywhere.

We are waiting on decorating the other walls because we need our recliner to arrive. It is late (grrr) but supposed to arrive this week now. Come on recliner! Mama needs a place to sit!

Nate surprised me with the pink light box and cute end table for Valentine's Day. Love!

We also tested out our stroller for the twins. We were almost positive before even testing it that we were going to get the newer Uppababy stroller since we love our current Uppababy stroller for Bradley (and I still use all the time). We had to upgrade because his older version doesn't allow for two car seats, and the newer version does. 

So we ordered! Brussels Griffon approved! :) We also ordered the little skateboard thingy for Bradley to stand on at some point. I don't think there is a chance in hell he would hold still and use it now, but hopefully someday. :)

As for me, I'm surviving! I made it through busting my tail bone before Christmas and being in awful pain for a month with that, then the horrific few weeks of what my doctor thought was PUPPPS, and a dermatologist said was an atopic eruption of pregnancy (but pretty much the same thing) by treating with a steroid cream. That was some of the most awful days of my life! Then I got super sick from my TDAP shot and was out for a good 3-4 days. Now I am just taking it easy carrying all of this extra weight around (I think last visit I have gained 45 lbs so far) and trying not to roll an ankle or something. I thought carrying one baby was painful...OMG. My pelvis and back hate me!! I can't sleep that well at night because of discomfort and peeing every hour but I have been trying to get a little daytime nap when Bradley naps. That also means my work gets pushed to the evening which isn't awesome but I am doing what I can! :)

Chimi has been loving my big bump and immobility.

And I have been trying to keep up with the weekly bump shots! I hate how I look in every pic so it isn't fun but I'm guessing I will be glad to have these someday.

Thank God for filters.

Definitely not as great at taking progress pics this time around but at least I snapped one! :)

So that is where we are at! So close! I am at 31.5 weeks now so we hopefully have 6.5 weeks left but I know twins can arrive at anytime so we are doing everything we can to be ready!

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  1. I saw target had jess cute unicorns chairs today and thought of you!