Tuesday, April 25, 2017


So I thought I should do a little post about what life was like up until this last month (I am immobile at 34 weeks pregnant with twins now) since it will be changing very soon. I always struggled with being away from Bradley when I was working full time and once I took on a part time job we realized doing that and not paying for daycare was not that much different than what I was making at my full time job. We figured out our budget and I was able to start staying at home as a WAHM (work at home mom) with Bradley and it has been the best thing ever!! Now don't get me wrong - most days are a shit show and insanely exhausting, but I love it. Working at home can be tricky but it is absolutely doable since I work 15 hours a week (about two full work days without daycare if you look at it that way). Here is what a typical day is like for this WAHM!

7AM wake up - this has been such a huge perk to me staying home. When I was working out of the home I had to LEAVE by 7am to drop Bradley off at daycare and get to work by 8. I am such a sleeper so this has been amazing! 

7:30ish Bradley gets up. He usually hands me his paci (he gets it in his crib only) and goes potty (we keep one in his room still) then tells me how he wants to "go see Gordon" (his Thomas train downstairs).

For breakfast, Bradley used to eat oatmeal with banana and milk every single day and it was so easy! Within the last month or two he has started refusing it so we either have cereal, pancakes, yogurt/granola, etc. I still like oatmeal with lots of chocolate chips so that is often my breakfast.

We used to go on daily walks in the morning and I hope to get back into that once I can after the twins are here! Sprinkles and Chimi often hitch a ride, too. :)

9 - Get ready to go play! Prior to my current state, we ALWAYS did something and left the house in the morning even if it was just getting groceries or going to Target. Usually a park, zoo, playground, pool (in summer), Crayola, music class or museum. Often times with friends!

Typical summer mom outfit. :)

I still remember taking this pic on my first day home with Bradley and we were headed to the pool. I couldn't believe it!

Now since I literally can't move that well it isn't safe to leave the house and go places with Bradley - I can't chase him and he is crazy! He recently started pre-preschool two mornings a week which has been awesome for both of us - he can get some socialization and energy out and I have been going to my weekly doc appointments during that time. On the other mornings we have been playing outside now that we have the fenced in yard (pic is from last summer before the fence) and having friends over to play which has been amazing! 

We have been getting together a lot with Bradley's friend Mila that we know from my Mama group I was in when Bradley was a baby! Recently my friend had twin girls so it is so fun to hang out all together and for me to observe what it is like with twins! I just adore Rosie and these twins are AMAZING as well - they are perfect sleepers, barely make a noise, so happy...probably a bad idea for me to get used to twins that are like that! :)

12 - Back home for lunch if we had left - Bradley's former favorites were mac and cheese, baked beans, blueberries, or nachos. I have a massive picky eater on my hands so now sometimes he will eat toast, pancakes, or just a plateful of oranges. I'm hoping someday he will eat more!! If we are running late I give Bradley PB crackers and fruit pouches in the car or at our location. 

1:30-3:30 Bradley's nap time/my work time! We always read books for about half an hour before I put him in his crib (still in his crib - thinking maybe at age 3 we will look at a toddler bed?). I try and work the whole time he is sleeping to get my hours in, but this also can sometimes be the only time to get things done around the house. I also desperately need daytime naps at the moment because I don't sleep well at night with this heavy belly!

This pic cracks me up - one day last year Bradley was jumping all over his crib before falling asleep and his pants fell down, then he fell asleep. :)

3:30 Bradley is usually up and if he is super crabby from his nap I let him watch some Bubble Guppies and eat snacks while I start figuring out dinner. Otherwise we play in the basement or outside and if we are lucky sometimes we play with his neighbor friends!

6 - Dada home! Nate is so good at kind of taking over at this point so I get a little break. We try and eat together every night but sometimes Bradley is hungry earlier than Nate is home. When it is nice out we eat on the porch! Then he will play with Dada in the basement or outside, or go straight to bath if I haven't bathed him earlier in the day (we do baths every other day, sometimes daily if he is super dirty or just wants one).

PS - check out this pic of Nate when he was little. Hello little brunette Bradley!

7 - Start reading books (almost always with Dada), brush teeth and get ready for bed.

8 - Bradley is usually asleep and I go back to work. If I get enough done during the day I can relax, take a bath and either watch a show with Nate - we just finished Breaking Bad or I try and read Harry Potter - I only have one book left! But usually I have to work at least a little at night (sometimes a lot).

10 - We are pretty good about going to bed at 10. I sometimes get sucked into Instagram and will scroll into oblivion but I am really trying to put my phone away.

Probably not that exciting but that is my current life! I remember seeing this quote when I was working and feeling in a rut and so depressed I never saw Bradley. I am so happy we were able to make a change!

Staying at home is HARD but beyond rewarding, and I know I will never get these years back when Bradley (and soon - the twins!) is young and not in school yet. I know it isn't for everyone, but it has been the best change for me. I will never regret waking up and spending every day with one of my favorite faces in the world - this one!

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  1. Where did you get your cute sneakers...the rainbow ones and gray pair?!? Thanks, Faith

    1. I am so glad you think they are cute! I only wear sneakers when chasing a toddler! :) Both are old, I just keep them new looking by washing in the washing machine every now and then. The rainbow ones are Asics and the blue/grey ones are Nike.

  2. What do you do as a WAHM? Just curious!! Adorable family!