Monday, March 13, 2017

Winter Trip to Wisconsin Dells

We went to the Wisconsin Dells over President's Day weekend and had a blast! It was the perfect meeting point for us coming from Minneapolis and my brother's fam coming from Chicago since we all have little kids that require shorter car trips. My parents drove up from Des Moines and we had the best time! We had wanted to do a Disney trip but Zika put our Disney dreams on hold. So we stayed somewhat local while still getting a vacation.

We were all pretty new to the Dells and after some research went with Wilderness Resort. Mostly based on availability and friend recommendations. We would absolutely stay again and hope to!

This was a perfect trip because Bradley is obsessed with the water! He always said "I swim!"

ConCon (Connor) was such a trooper!

I bought two maternity suits on eBay right before we left and am SO glad I did. I tried on some of my non-maternity suits and could barely even clasp them. Yeesh! The boys approved. :)

We stayed in a two level condo so we could all be together. The cousins loved it! They also loved their cousin ice cream treats!

Shannon and I did a lot of footwear research because we were worried about the germy ground and everyone running around barefoot. I think we spent more time talking about how ugly water shoes are though. :) So of course I had to put our funny water park shoes on the Instastory. We weren't about to have our bare feet touch the ground! So glad we had them! Shannon got compliments on hers. I did not. :)

So many different water parks at our resort! I loved how this one had glass ceilings - but we didn't stay long because we didn't bring sunscreen. Didn't even think about that in February!

Bradley couldn't get enough. On every slide he would start saying "Again! Again!" before even reaching the bottom. :)

My mom liked that my nails matched this swimsuit. :)

Snuggly ConCon.

Floating with Grandma!

We had insanely good weather for February in Wisconsin - 50s! Made it so much easier to leave water parks soaking wet and travel back to our condo! 

Rock hunting with cousins. 

Everybody on Papa's lap for story time! These kids can't get enough of their Papa.

Our one awkward group shot. Ha! Whatever it takes! My parents have always taken us on trips since my brother and I were little. They are big believers in making memories by doing things and spending time with them versus just buying gifts and we are so lucky that they are spoiling their grandkids by keeping those traditions alive! My favorite childhood memories are from our many family vacations and it is so special our kids are now getting those memories. Some day they will realize how lucky they are to have such generous, fun and caring grandparents! 

Bradley on the car ride home - I couldn't love him more!

We can't wait to go back! Anyone else been to the Dells and have favorite places or tips and tricks with kids? We want to make this a new tradition since it is so doable (and starting in May we will have THREE kiddos which makes road trips much easier than plane trips). It was too fun!

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  1. Having lived within an hour if the Dells my whole life, it's always been weird to think of it as such a big vacation destination but as you've experienced, it truly is! I definite recommend going back in the summer. The outdoor water parks are great, walking the strip is incredibly entertaining & there is just constant amusement everywhere. The Tommy Bartlett show, Mount Olympus, Buffalo Phil's. There's an outlet mall, tons of good restaurants (Fields is my fave). Singing karaoke at Showboat is a must if you get a kid-free night or a few hours. I honestly don't think you could get bored there in the summer! That said, I'm not sure I could've handled it when our boys were super young. Just taking them to indoor park next month for the first time (they'll be 2 in June).