Saturday, February 25, 2017

Potty Training!

Friends, we are on our way with potty training! We started mid January and I have been so dang proud of this kid and his progress. Plus, since the day we started we haven't used a SINGLE diaper!  The cost savings and earth savings alone are priceless. I'm not talking about naps and nighttime yet (Pull Ups for those) but daytime is full steam ahead and we haven't looked back. I have had anxiety about potty training basically since finding out I was pregnant with Bradley and it went a lot better than I thought. :)

Day 1 needed lots of iPad time (which the book does not encourage)

My SIL always recommended using "Oh Crap! Potty Training" for potty training because it worked so well for her and she has potty trained two of her three boys (one is 15 months old so not there yet). This book is everything!! I think it took me about three nights to read, and I went back and read different chapters every night those first two weeks of training! The biggest takeaways I had are that our kids are more than ready, it is us as parents holding them back. She said if your kid can learn how to use an iPad, they can learn how to pee on the toilet. :) So true.

To get ready, we got three Summer Infant Potties - one for each level of our house (they are cheap). Especially when you start training (like day one is basically watching your kid pantsless until they start peeing and throw them on a potty) you need many! These are so cheap and perfect. I still bring it every where with me (my friends laugh when they see it on the bottom of our stroller). Nate is good at putting Bradley up on a big potty but I am not.

The book suggests the easiest time to potty train kids is 20-30 months and Bradley was 29 months, I was having twins in 4 months, so this NEEDED to happen or it never would. Like I said above, my favorite and most needed part of her book (for me) is it basically is reminding you that your child is more than capable. If YOU aren't committed to training (not "just trying to potty train"), then don't do it. But if you are ready to toss diapers and not look back, then its time! It won't be easy but it is doable.

First car potty! We do this ALL THE TIME

So after this month and a half we are down to almost NO accidents! The last accident he had was a week ago in the car on the way to Wisconsin Dells (3.5 hour drive) and we should have stopped sooner - I knew better. Ugh! So I blame myself.

I kept a journal the first few weeks of training (we have now been doing this over a month) so feel free to read. This definitely shows the struggles and all the highs and lows we had. I always had to keep reminding myself this was BRAND new to him and I needed to be patient (something I don't have). :) Anytime I felt hopeless on a step and didn't know what to do my SIL would just say "he will get it!" and that is so true. Give it time and buy lots of laundry detergent and carpet cleaner. :) Hooray for potty training!

Potty Training Journal

Day 1:
I literally couldn't sleep just thinking of everything that needed to be done potty training Bradley and getting ready for the twins (I got up at midnight and wandered the nursery that still is our guest room panicking) so when I got up on Friday, I knew I had to start potty training. I also knew this was going to be ROUGH but it started out even more rough than I thought! I couldn't even get Bradley to sit on the potty for a good hour plus, so finally I bribed him to sit on it with chocolate chips (just one at a time). I know that is against the book, but I needed to at least get this rolling!

Like her book says, I planned a 3 day weekend that I had nothing (and I mean NOTHING) since we can't leave the house. I wanted Nate's help on day one but since I was so anxious I just started. We spent almost the entire day pantsless (well, Bradley was. I had pants on) in the family room reading books, coloring, games on the iPad, watching shows, etc. 

He had 6 "accidents" (can't really call it that since it is brand new to him!) and each time I said "oops! We go potty on the green potty!" and brought him over to the potty (that was like 2" away from us). Then all of a sudden when I had him sit on it one time he went on his own! We were SO excited and cheered and walked the potty over to the toilet together to flush. He was so proud and kept saying "yay!" This happened a few more times and he would go over on his own, and one time he started pooping and it shocked him so he stood up, lots of poop hit the ground, then I had him quickly sit back down and finish. That was a hot mess to clean up. But I couldn't believe it! I did have to keep using chocolate chips periodically to get on the potty chair, but usually he would forget because he would be so happy and proud of himself to pee that he just wanted to carry it away.

After nap he fought the potty a little, then came down the stairs and saw the other potty (we have one on each floor) and yelled "Potty!" and ran over and went! Amazing!! He also in the afternoon randomly walked over, peed and pooped. I seriously couldn't believe my eyes. Dinner time he peed in his Pottery Barn chair and I saw it happening so stopped him, ran over to the potty and he finished.

We did Pull Ups for nap and bedtime - I can't even think about night training yet. My SIL did it exactly this way, too and her boys are pros. But this day went 9 MILLION times better than I thought it would. We had a rough start but he got it! My stubborn boy is on his way! I was so proud I could cry! Every time we would parade over with his potty to dump it he would say "I did it!" I'm so happy for him for working on this life skill!

Day 2:
Well, Day 2 started out not so hot. Bradley got up, pooped and peed in the toilet instantly so I thought "let's do pants!" Within like an hour he peed through 2 pairs and I about lost my mind so back to commando. Nate was out running errands and I texted him that I needed a break as well. I think the exhaustion of Day 1 was finally hitting me and I needed to do something else other than stare at Bradley's private parts! :) I couldn't find in her book what do about the peeing through pants but found on a couple people's blogs they did commando for 4 days, so I think I just need to plan on that.

Of course, once we were back to commando he was totally fine. Lots of pees, a couple poops, and the day was over. I know this is 100% new to him and have to remind myself he is still doing amazingly well for never having to go on a toilet before. He runs over on his own and says "I go potty!" (not when we prompt, which in her book she says don't over prompt and I am sure I do). Hopefully someday he can wear pants again. :)

Day 3:
Right when waking up I took off Bradley's jammies and Pull Up and he said "I want pants!" Poor bud. Not happening. His Pull Up was very wet like usual so I wasn't sure if he would have to go right away. The day was good being bottomless again. He prompted himself to go when he had to and had zero poops. Debating about trying pants tomorrow but don't want to start all over again!

Day 4:
Bradley hasn't woken up and I am already thinking about pants today. My goal is to have less than 8 wet pairs. :) I re-read the parts about introducing pants and some blocks that can happen and am ready to go. Then he woke up and the morning was a hot mess. Resisting like crazy, laying and screaming on the ground naked while whizzing through the air onto the carpet, peeing through all pants, just terrible. If he hadn't peed in the potty before his nap I might have lost my damn mind.

After nap I decided to do zero prompting. He went over and peed on the potty so on the pants went. Thoughout the afternoon he didn't go, then wet a pair of pants and said "I spilled". So at least he acknowledged it! After his bath I kept him bottomless getting ready for bed and while he was playing with his kitchen he wanted something opened. I said, "I will open if you sit on the potty". He sat down and instantly pooped! Of course he jumped right up and a chunk of poop hit the floor but that's cool. :) I'm totally ok with that because he used the pot. Then Nate was reading him some stories (still bottomless) and he ran over and peed. On went the Thomas Pull Ups and were done with Day 4. Good end to the day, but praying Day 5 goes much better.

Day 5:
I felt good again starting the day. I kept re-reading parts in "Oh Crap" to refresh and re-motivate myself and it was such good reminders to read that this is BRAND NEW to him. Of course it isn't going to be easy or perfect! We are on what they call the hardest part (transitioing to pants/commando) and I would definitely agree with that. We had a fun morning planned with a friend coming over since we can't leave the house. Right when they got there, Bradley goes, "I go potty" and ran over, pushed his pants down and pottied on his toilet right in front of them! It was amazing! He did have a pee accident while they were playing (definitely blame myself - I should have made him sit and pee because they had just had a snack) and then ran over and said he had to poop. He sat on the toilet, then popped up and didn't do anything. After a while I kept smelling poop but didn't see it. Then later he was standing and I saw poop coming out the bottom of his pants! Bahaha! That was a mini disaster but got it cleaned up. After nap we had no accidents and Grandma came to town!

Always kept a stack of clean pants nearby!

Day 6:
Grandma Day! We had our 19 week ultrasound and appointments so Grandma was on it today. He did really well with pee - had an accident when he was too excited to see his Grandpa that came over later in the day for the gender reveal to stop and pee, and when he wanted to poop this morning he squatted and went in his pants (uggghhh) and would NOT go sit on the toilet to finish. So not sure about that. Other than those two pretty good. A little worried about pooping now...

Day 7:
We had a few potties in the toilet, so my mom and I decided to venture out on our first outing. We went to Carters and I am sure it was too far for our first outing, and I should have prompted him to go when we got there. He wet his pants while playing with the toys there so that was our first out of the house change! Then of course we got home and he said he had to go potty but the seat was still in the car! By the time I got it he was peeing on the floor and it was World War 3 to get him to finish on it. He finally did with some chocolate and Thomas. Phew!

After nap he had some good toilet potties with no prompting and then even potted and pooped on his own! As I was cleaning the poop out he came running into the bathroom and pooped more all over the floor. I was so proud of him that he knew to at least start pooping in the toilet! Grandma to the rescue to clean the floor while I gave Bradley a bath.

Day 8:
This morning was great! All morning Bradley peed unprompted (maybe 3x) and one time prompted with a cookie because he had friends over and I had a feeling he wouldn't go on his own.

Then after nap was NOT great. Bradley woke up super crabby and did pee on the toilet once, then peed his pants while running around. I tried to get him to the toilet right after and he wouldn't and had maybe a two hour tantrum. He peed before bed but YIKES.

Day 9:
This day was amazing! Every time Bradley pottied it was on his own, and I knew I had to get him out of the house for practice and to run around. He peed and pooped for Nate so off we went! We went to an indoor playground so I knew the distractions would be out of control. After playing for about 45 minutes I brought him to the bathroom (with his potty in a big garbage bag that I had brought) and opened it up. He goes, "Oh! Potty!" and sat down and whizzed! I was so happy!! He peed a few more times and then went to nap.

Day 10:
Another rough start. Bradley did use the potty a few times, but he also peed his pants while eating lunch (and looked at me like he knew it). Then he was getting ready for nap and pooped standing, but when we went to flush it he sat on the regular toilet (with insert) and peed. So I guess 2 steps forward, one step back is very appropriate.

I had an event in the afternoon/evening, so Nate took Bradley to the playground and had great potty success. Then came home and Bradley had an accident. Shoot!

Day 11:
Monday! This week I am focusing on running errands with him. I am bringing the potty and the insert everywhere in a garbage bag.

Today we had music class and Bradley peed on the potty insert right when we got there and had no accidents in class! Yahoo! In the afternoon he also didn't have any accidents. I am sure he peed in the tub, but we will allow that. :) Our first accident free day!!!!

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  1. These are great tips for budding young parents! I remember trying to potty train our son, it seems so long ago even though it was just a few years ago. There were stressful times to be sure but he learned pretty quickly. Glad to read that everything worked for you and I wish you well in the future. Laundry detergent and carpet cleaning -- great advice!

    Alison Norman @ Power Boss