Friday, January 13, 2017

Twins Genders Reveal!

We couldn't wait for our Level 2 Ultrasound to see the twins and obviously find out the genders. Nate and I found out at the appointment, and then we ordered cupcakes from our favorite Cocoa & Fig with filling to tell family! They did our wedding cupcakes and we just love them. We were all excited for the reveal!

My mom, Nate's dad and sister, and of course Bradley were at the reveal, and we Facetimed with my brother, SIL and nephews. We made everyone guess and my mom guessed two boys, Nate's dad and sister guessed one of each, my bro and SIL guessed two girls, our nephew Tyler guessed one of each, and nephew Blake guessed two boys.

We cut open the first and it was pink! Girl!

Then we cut open the second - also pink!

I think most of the family was shocked that it is two girls because we have so many boys! My parents only have grandsons, so this is a first! Blake was probably the most upset - he wanted more boys to play with. :) Bradley just wanted cupcakes. 

I'm so glad we did a mini gathering instead of just texting everyone. It was much more exciting to make them wait during the day and see all at once. :) And delicious!

At our 12 week ultrasound (for twins) we had the tech guess what they appeared to be and she said girls. We knew to take that with a grain of salt because one of my best friends has twin girls and was told boys at her 12 week ultrasound! So even though I kept thinking girls, I wasn't sure. 

I actually had purchased these outfits around Christmas from Walmart because I thought they were too cute and knew they would be gone by the time we found out. Obviously I kept the receipt in case I wouldn't be needing them. :)

A few bump shots! Growing quite a bit every day!!

This shirt has more meaning now. :)

The day after our reveal my mom took Bradley and me to Carters to pick out some girl clothes (Bradley got some treasures, too) since we have none! It was so fun to see all the cute pieces! And so weird to buy TWO of things! I'm so obsessed with these little unicorns for the nursery. Thanks mom!

We already are rocking and rolling on the nursery because we had a painter scheduled for this weekend! We need to get moving on things because once I hit the 30 week mark I know I will be very immobile and uncomfortable. So I am doing as much as I can now. Bring on all things girly!

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  1. FYI, thought I would tell you on my West DSM FB for sale page, there was a woman taking orders for custom made doorwreaths and charging $123. They did not have nearly the work put into them that yours do but now you know what they are worth. LOL Kathy in West DSM