Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Twin Nursery Inspiration

Now that I am feeling a million times better, I have been obsessed with figuring out the twins nursery! Putting together Bradley's nursery was one of the funnest projects EVER so I am pumped to get this one going. I am a Pinterest junkie and have tons of boards, but also have lots of private boards to pin things like thousands of nursery ideas. :) Now that we know the twins are girls, we have started up!

We started with closet paint since I adore Bradley's painted closet. Here are three that we liked. Valentine's Day, Amethyst Cream and Nate also added in Crocus all by Benjamin Moore. We also looked at a mint color but Nate vetoed since it is close to the laundry room color. We put up the samples and I loved the pink, but figured it would be easier to find pink curtains so we went with the top right purple. I will get some pics and post the closet soon!

Nate used the same purple to paint the dresser - wait until you see the finished dresser! So cute!

We also lucked out and found the perfect curtains that were dirt cheap from Homegoods. Two panels for $17 and we were looking at single panels for $72 each at Pottery Barn. So glad we saw these!

The room paint is Behr Quietude - the same as the dots on Bradley's walls. It is a super super pale grey, almost white, so we can focus on the pops of color from furniture and accents.

Then for my favorite part, the decor! I LOVE nurseries with kawaii touches - obviously unicorns that I keep posting on Instagram, but clouds, eyelashes, cupcakes, rainbows, cactus accents, anything fun really, are what I am going for. I love everything from A Little Lovely Company, but it is too expensive to ship to the US. So sad!

The style is similar to the type of baby girl clothing I love. :)

I grabbed these two things from Target when they were on sale but not sure how we will work it all in yet.

The start of the decor collection (before the dresser was painted obviously).

I also ran to our local Marshalls to see if they had any fun finds and they had the smallest kids section (like one rack) ever! I did find a couple treasures.

Got this beauty for Valentine's decor AND the nursery. :)

So that is where we are at! We are hoping to get things rolling fast since I am 21 weeks right now, and like I said before I will probably get immobile at some point in the next few months. Eek! Let the decorating begin!

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