Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Family Weekend

We were so excited for our Christmas family weekend that we had planned for earlier this month! My brother's family lives in Chicago and have three boys, we are in Minneapolis, and my parents live in Des Moines so anytime we can get together is always fun.

My parents arrived first and Papa showed up with donuts from Clear Lake, Iowa! 

I made lots of my favorite holiday side dishes to eat when they arrived.

And Bradley caught up on some reading while we were waiting for them (plane was delayed).

Chim relaxed on Grandma while waiting.

The next morning the cousins were so excited to find out Papa and Grandma are taking all of us to Disney! They might have been more excited that we got them Mickey and Minnie balloons. :)

The girls were dressed and ready for the announcement!

My SIL is one of my best friends and I get so excited when we are in the same state! I also force her to take fun pics with me. :) We had my favorite hot chocolate to celebrate with!

Papa had a kid or baby in his lap the entire weekend. :)

Mall of America time! 

We went when it opened so the kids could go on lots of rides! Wish we got a group pic.

The girls went shopping instead.

My little reindeer babies!

Cutie cousins watching a movie. We had pizza and movie time the rest of the day.

Sunday we took full family pics and it was FREEZING! Grandma and Carmen warming up in the car.

But Lindsey got some good ones! Isn't this the cutest of Grandma and the girls??


Best grandparents ever!

We wanted to get the kids to pose with the Disney balloons but thought they were too wild after pics and that it wouldn't happen. So we had our own photo shoot! :)

But the boys actually cooperated and posed for us! Kind of... :)

Then it was the girl's turn! 

It was a great weekend but so quick! At least we will be together again soon in Disney World!

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Baby Gift Ideas

Christmas is almost here! I think babies are realllllly hard to shop for - they don't tell you what they want! :) Here are some cute baby ideas if you have a little tike on your list!

I got the donut stacker for Bradley when he was a baby and he still plays with it! Now it is fun to watch the girls holding and playing with the donuts as well. And it is so stinking cute!

These Disney princess bath toys are too perfect - I love their little faces.

One of Bradley's former favorite toys (and now the girls!) is the Manhattan Toy Winkel. So great for their little hands to grab.

Another that is so cute but fun are the cupcakes. Bradley also still plays with this and is great at matching the shapes.

This adorable princess castle even comes with a unicorn - perfection! :)

Lastly - these Target reindeer purses are the best! They say out of stock online but I saw my store got restocked. I stole one from the girls stash and wore already as a fanny pack. Ha!

I hope your little ones are in the Christmas spirit, too! :)

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Santa Love

Bradley had been requesting to see Santa since the beginning of November, so the weekend before Thanksgiving we decided to go see the big man! 

We weren't sure how he would react once actually there and he was so dang sweet! He walked right up to Santa and stared at him with awe and wonder. Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said, "a christmas cookie!" Santa laughed and said, "but that's what I want!" :) It was so adorable! (video on Instagram)

The group shot was a little funny. :)

Then that week we had Bradley's "feast day" at preschool. He was very excited to eat chocolate. :)

I struggled to balance two crying babies and a sweet mom held Jolie the entire time. So nice!!

Stinkers. :)

And check out his handsome school pic. Love him so much!!


We have been doing all things festive these past two months - even down to my hands!

And jammies of course.

Then Papa and Grandma came for the weekend and Bradley couldn't be happier!

And the girls have been sitting up like champs! 

We are trying to soak up every moment of our favorite season! I hope everyone is enjoying it as well!

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