Thursday, December 29, 2016


Even though we rode the North Pole Express to meet Santa, we wanted to go see him one more time. We tried going to the downtown Macy's on Christmas Eve Eve but that line was hours long, so we went to see the Eden Prairie Mall Santa later that evening.

Bradley was SO excited when he spotted him!

And even more excited when he peeked and got a wave back!

I wore my Christmas best and showed off my Santa belly. Haha!

Once it was Bradley's turn he walked right up and gave Santa a big hug. So sweet!

Then he hopped on his lap and stroked Santa's beard and suit, 

then sort of smiled for a few pics.

When it was time to go he gave him a huge hug. It was the cutest! 

I love how much he loves Santa! And we aren't quite sure why, we don't talk about him much? Maybe he just sees all of my Santa crap all over the house! :)

Happy holidays! Hope you feel the magic of the season!

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