Monday, December 12, 2016

North Pole Express!

We took Bradley on the North Pole Express for the first time this year and it was magical! We went with some of our best friends and had a perfect Christmas evening.

It was chilly but too fun!

Playing with friends while waiting to board!

Sweet baby Henry made the trip!

Bradley wasn't feeling selfies this day.

Making new friends.

Bribed to sit still with chocolate pretzels. Note to self for next time, bring some activities/more snacks while waiting for Santa to come to our car. :)

Checking out the scenery.

Writing to Santa.

More playing with friends!

He knew which side of the sign to show. :)

He's here!

Telling Santa all about Bubble Guppies and Octonauts. :)

Love how Santa comes around and sits next to the kids. My mom always told me to never sit on stranger's laps. :)

He was so happy!

Such a sweet moment!

I can't believe we have less than two weeks to Christmas! We are trying to do everything Christmassy before my favorite season is over. Merry Christmas!!

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