Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Halloween 2016

Another Halloween is in the books! We didn't trick or treat with Bradley since he is a maniac and runs straight for the street any time he is outside, but our neighborhood always has a cute little party to get the kids together and it is super fun. 

I dressed up as Genevieve from Choo Choo Soul but you never would know it because it was freezing so we were all wearing coats, and Bradley wouldn't take a pic with me. Here is probably the best one we got.

My nails were festive, too! 

But back to the cute one. His actual costume was supposed to be this Thomas The Train costume, but he kept ripping it off so I picked up some used overalls just in case. Good thing I did!

He had lots of fun at the party!

Bradley's favorite part might have been the hot chocolate (they made my favorite recipe!). I probably gave him 1/2 inch in a cup and he would not let it go.

He also discovered the cozy coupe in the garage and was ramming ankles for a while.

Goodbye Halloween decor! Until next year!

Now this holiday loving family is ready for Christmas! We got Grandma elf jammies for her October 24 birthday. :) Never too early.

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