Friday, November 18, 2016

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Per usual, I start decorating for Christmas in the month of November. It is always my goal to have everything done by Thanksgiving because we either host Nate's family here, or travel to Iowa which means we won't have time to relax at all if we are worrying about getting decor up! It is so nice to sit and drink hot chocolate and lounge on the long weekend.

I always start with the cupcake tree because it is the littlest and upstairs, so then Nate isn't as embarrassed at having people see our holiday decorations on November 1st. :) I put it in our master bedroom again this year because I'm afraid Bradley would love to rip off the ornaments if it was in his play area! I grabbed the boxes and coffee and trucked it upstairs!

I always lay out all the ornaments so I can see them before putting them on the tree. My mom thinks this is "artsy" of me, I think it is just easier! 

Love this tree topper! Last year I had it as part of the tree decor and this year I used it as a legit topper.

Caught my helper playing in the pillows!

This helper is a little more lazy.

Tada! This tree comes together so fast because it is super little. Love the colors so much!

I also brought out the Christmas books and switched out Bradley's regular books for Christmas ones.

Then I snuck out a couple pieces to put on the sideboard.  I couldn't be stopped!

Bradley and I checked out the Target Christmas section. He talked to Santa for quite a while on the phone! So cute.

Now to work on the rest of the house! Are you all decorated yet?

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Halloween 2016

Another Halloween is in the books! We didn't trick or treat with Bradley since he is a maniac and runs straight for the street any time he is outside, but our neighborhood always has a cute little party to get the kids together and it is super fun. 

I dressed up as Genevieve from Choo Choo Soul but you never would know it because it was freezing so we were all wearing coats, and Bradley wouldn't take a pic with me. Here is probably the best one we got.

My nails were festive, too! 

But back to the cute one. His actual costume was supposed to be this Thomas The Train costume, but he kept ripping it off so I picked up some used overalls just in case. Good thing I did!

He had lots of fun at the party!

Bradley's favorite part might have been the hot chocolate (they made my favorite recipe!). I probably gave him 1/2 inch in a cup and he would not let it go.

He also discovered the cozy coupe in the garage and was ramming ankles for a while.

Goodbye Halloween decor! Until next year!

Now this holiday loving family is ready for Christmas! We got Grandma elf jammies for her October 24 birthday. :) Never too early.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Project Laundry Room!

This post is long overdue (like every single one of my other drafts) but we finally made our laundry room cute this year!! You might have seen on Instagram we Nate was working on it all summer and we are just loving it.

This is the closest I have to a before pic. The walls were the builder beige that I despise so much and we needed some color! Somehow Nate was on board for this mint (Benjamin Moore Light Mint) that makes me oh so happy. 

He only painted halfway down because he was going to do wainscoting. When that didn't happen he finished painting all the way down. :)

Next up were the cabinets! We got these from Ikea and I was super impressed Nate installed them himself. 

Other side of the laundry room pre sink cabinet. 

Then he finished painting all the way down and installed the lower cabinets. Also added hardware like our built ins. Love!!

We had to keep a deep sink in here. This is where I hose off our dirty boots and anything else that we don't want in any other sink!

Then I was at Hobby Lobby with a friend and spotted the most perfect sign for the laundry room. It was meant to be!

We hung her up next to the picture my parents gave us last Christmas of an artist's drawing of our home. Perfect!

As for organization, there is SO much space in these cabinets! I'm still not sure what else to keep in here. I do have a lifetime supply of Kleenex boxes added, and on the other side I put my Christmas kitchen items. Love all the storage!

So that was our big house project this year! Next up - a fence! I have been dreaming of one for years and years and we finally are doing it. Bradley is just too crazy to not have him fenced in! :)

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