Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall and Halloween Front Porch!

I'm alive! :) Staying home with Bradley is the greatest thing ever but it definitely pushes other things to the side (like blogging). I hope to try and keep up with this at least through the holidays since decor is what I love! And if you have ever read my blog you know I love decorating our front porch!

Our fall porch was pretty simple (and it went fall the day after Bradley's birthday party). I don't wait around for holidays, I welcome them with open arms. :) I had these hay bales from his farm party and they were too perfect for the fall theme. I put up my deco mesh fall wreath that I always do, then instead of having the mums by the door, I pushed them to the edge of the porch. Our mums always get so crispy before Halloween is even here and that has solved our problem! We also are actually watering them so that might help, too...

Then we had to get some pumpkins! We got one from Severs, our favorite place in the world then picked up a few others at Trader Joes. :) 

Future gardener or just destroyer?

Sidebar to Severs...check out these cute pics! We just love it there! Our season pass has gotten good use - I think we haven't missed a weekend and went multiple times some weekends!

Back to the porch! Once October 1st rolled around, things got spooky! I drug out all of my supplies including my favorite wreath, the witch leg wreath! This pin from when I made the wreath gets so many hits and re-pins - cracks me up because Sprinkles is in it, too! 

The decor goes up so easily since I have the mesh and garland all set to go, but it is getting a little limp. I think next year I finally need to buck up and get fresh mesh. Rats.


I love the addition of the Vintage Marquee Light R for to make it look a little more rustic out here. But the squirrels must love it as well because we are down to like 2 small pumpkins now!

It glows so pretty at night!

 I just love the pumpkin buckets hanging. Fits my whimsical style well. :)

The R is BRIGHT but I love it!

 Bradley helped rip off adjust the pumpkin lights.

 Come on in! We also have a couple touches inside.

The sideboard has the usual suspects that aren't too terrible if Bradley runs off with.

I got these Mickey pumpkin buckets after my Instagram friend @motherofrebels posted about them. They were a need!

I also got this cutie at Hobby Lobby. 

The family room has some pumpkins,

and my favorite Starbucks haunted house, too.

I also got some Halloween nails! Woohoo!

Are you all decorated and ready to go? Happy Halloween!

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  1. I saw a Disney Tsum Tsum Advent calendar the other day at Costco and thought of you. It was pretty cute with all the characters.

    1. Oh my goodness! I need it! Will have to hit up my friends with Costco memberships!!

  2. Looks great! I need you to come style my porch in addition to the styling you already do from a clothing perspective! :)