Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring Fashion!

Spring is here! Whenever there is a change of season I get inspired to actually try with my outfits. And since I am trying, I make sure to photograph cute ones so I remember them when I am NOT inspired and need an outfit! Many of these pieces are older, but I love seeing people's outfits and using them as inspiration to create my own with similar pieces I already have!

I'm starting to get better about posting outfits I like on Instagram! I know so many of us are moms who don't have time so hopefully some of them inspire you if you are in a rut like I was!

So let's begin! I had a good friend's baby shower to go to and it was a beautiful spring day! I knew I wanted to wear a skirt or dress, and all of my dresses are pretty wrinkly from being jammed in my closet. So I grabbed this skirt, looked for a pop of color and found! Perfect!

Top: Limited, Skirt: Limited, Jacket: Target. Necklace: Stella & Dot

I am already addicted to Stitch Fix clothing and my closet is starting to fill up with those pieces! I know it isn't for everyone, but if you are great at giving feedback and keeping your Pinterest up to date you should have some success! I wear comfy sweaters year round, and I love that this style is all season. I can't wait to wear it with jean shorts at the lake!

Sweater: Stitch Fix, Jeans: Alloy Apparel

I have posted this outfit before, but I just love the combination so much! I will wear this tank and jeans and basically any fun necklace to spice it up. You can even see the combo from our trip to Key West in 2012!

Tank: Limited, Jeans: MiH, Cardigan: H&M

Here it is in more old pics! So glad I saved. :)

Can you tell I like stripes? :) I just love classic stripes so much, and think you can never have enough! This blazer is super old, but I love it because it is softer than a cardigan and not structured! This pic was on my birthday before meeting Dada for dinner where Bradley lost his mind. :/

Blazer: Von Maur, Tank: Target, Jeans: Hudson on eBay!

Nate got me this shirt I had been eyeing forever! Hooray! I love old school rock. :)

Top and jeans: Evereve

Another oldie but goodie! This top is crazy old and every now and then I discover it in my closet and have to wear! I normally am not into studs, but for some reason I like it with this pattern. And as with any outfit, I always have the bottom layer the Liz Lange Maternity tanks! Nope, not pregnant! They are just my absolute favorite tanks!

Top: Macy's, Jeans: Alloy

We are starting to plan our next Disney trip, so I got excited and had to wear this outfit! :) I love dressing up tees with blazers, statement necklaces and a smile! :)

Blazer: Von Maur, Tshirt: Target Men's :)

Another great Disney shirt! You can never have too many!

Top: Happily Ever Tees, Jeans: McGuire

One of my new favorite pieces is this cargo vest!  Vests are perfect in the spring because they add a little bit of warmth, but not too much that you are sweating! I have big plans for this sucker - wear over tees, sweaters, dresses, so much!

Vest: Target, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Stitch Fix

We just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! I always wear this amazing necklace made by one of my dear friends (and former boss!) on our anniversary since I wore it at our wedding! Then I make sure to pair it with a fun bright color, so this top was perfect! 

Top and Jeans: Stitch Fix

This pic was taken by one of my work friends and I just love it! I feel like it fits me well - everyone else with delicious alcoholic drinks and me with my water and weird clothes. :)

Since stripes are an absolute staple in my wardrobe, this striped knit from Stitch Fix was a no-brainer! I have been eyeing this top for quite a while and so glad I own it now! I have already worn once or twice. Ok maybe seven times. :)

Top: Stitch Fix, Jeans: Hudson

Spring jackets are some of my FAVORITE pieces! I have quite a few, and this newest addition has been worn every day since I got it! Obsessed! Cargo jackets are just the best - I usually find some goldfish and a pacifier in here when I put it on. :) 

Jacket: Stitch Fix, Jeans: Alloy Apparel

What pieces are you loving for spring? I'm debating if I need white jeans for summer or if that is just a disaster waiting to happen with a toddler! (Or with my clumsy self). :) 

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