Friday, April 22, 2016

Twin Cities Toddler Fun!

Attention local Mamas!  Where do you take your crazy toddlers to get the sillies out? When Bradley became more of an active toddler this fall I had no idea where to go that he could run and be his crazy self!  Here are some cute places that we have found, but I would love to hear some of your favorites! We gotta wear those kiddos out! :)
I know it goes without saying, but we love the zoo! The membership is so cheap considering how many times we have gone, and we love that we can just pop in and if he is having a meltdown leave without worrying about losing money.

Checking out farm babies on opening day!

A few times this winter we went to the zoo to just let him run in the indoor Tropics Trail! He loved seeing the animals but pretty sure he loved running free more! :)

We have only been to Good Times Park a few times because it is pretty far from us, but it is SO worth the drive! Bradley is obsessed with the gym at this place!

First time we went when he just started walking! So cute!

Another awesome favorite has been Tot Time at Savage Sports Center. We haven't gone as much as I would like because we have music class during this time right now, but so fun! It basically is just an open field and they blow up all the bounce houses, put out all the balls, etc. Bradley loves it!

I still get pretty nervous with him in here with other kids...if big kids get in, I drag Bradley out! :)

Mall play areas can be fun, too! Sometimes there are way too big of kids playing and we will have to leave, but if you go during a non-busy time you should be ok. I do worry about all the germs because I'm sure these playgrounds are rarely cleaned, but he just loves it so much! And like my dad always says, there is research that being sick often as a kid can help prevent scary diseases as an adult!

Everyone knows that music is SO important for their developing brains (well, for everyone!) and we have loved taking music class! We took class at Kindermusik for a long time, but recently found a class closer to us to go to. Such a special bonding time, too!

A few places we haven't tried but have heard of - the Arboretum is supposedly free the third Thursday of every month after 4:30, Play and Learn Cafe in Minnetonka is supposedly awesome, the Children's Museum is free the third Sunday of the month, and the Mall of America theaters play toddler movies every Saturday at 10am (we have a while before Bradley will sit through a movie...). We also are super excited about the Crayola Experience opening at the MOA soon!

So spill it! Where do you love taking your toddler in the Twin Cities?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Love

This post will kind of be like my Week In Pictures or Recent Pics posts, but over a longer period of time since I have been MIA!  I still post all the time on Instagram, but here are some photos with what we have been up to!

Got Bradley a pair of Hunter boots!  So cute!

Bradley is still a smoothie machine!  We both can't get enough!

One of his favorite things is throwing the dog food, but he knows Dada doesn't like that and helps sweep it up. :)

We finally got our little kitchen lover a kitchen!  He loves it and it is so cute to watch him play!

Buttered toast with avocado and bacon...get in my belly!

Sweet little Chimi.

Polish love!  I have been loving all sorts of bright pinks!

Bradley always has awesome holiday (and Disney!) wear. 

Our front door had the St Patty's wreath up for all of like three days! :)

My SIL had the cutest "Adopt a Puppy" bin for my nephew's Paw Patrol third birthday party!  Love!

Purple nails for teaching dance!

Truest pin ever. :)

We finally got a Starbucks in our hood!  Bradley got a water and was making friends around the corner.

I finally found something to hang on Bradley's wall above the changing area, and it was from the Target dollar spot!  Score!

I have been living on Naf Naf!!  Get in my belly delicious garlic sauce!

Bradley tried his first McDonald's hash brown and is obsessed.  Uh oh.

Loving the Pillowfort collection at Target!  One of my girlfriends designed a bunch of the stuff, too!  So cool!  These are two of my favorites and am thinking the junk room needs to get a girly makeover...

My outfits are getting springy!

We pulled out the patio furniture on a nice day!  Love!!

Bradley loved yelling "hello!" to the neighbors!  More like "heewooo!"

Dadas twin.

Somebunny didn't know he had a bunny tail on! :)

I can't wait for it to be nice enough for plants!  Still love seeing these colors on our front porch!

Bradley's easter basket is imilar to last year's basket since he still doesn't eat candy.  So fun to put together.

Saturday night family date to Cherry Berry in jammies and rain boots! :)

Fun goodies appear when my mom is in town! Where do you think I got my love for holidays from?

Grandma brought Bradley a toaster for his kitchen!  So cute!

Stomping with Grandma!  

Easter morning bunny booty pancakes! :)

Easter family pic. :)

Bradley loved sitting by his Auntie Laurie!

The gate is gone!  Eek!  So far so good...he likes testing limits here and there but not as bad as I thought!

Pioneer Woman salsa is my jam!

About fell over when I saw this.  Ha!!

Poor Chimi and her allergies.  Such a sweet little girl.

I am working my way through the Harry Potter series and just finished Goblet of Fire!  It is like a part time job reading these!  Ha!  But love!

Bradley gets the funniest school projects sent home! :)

Love this little area in our upstairs!  All my favorite colors are loud and proud! :)

Hope everyone is having a great spring!

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