Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bradley's Favorite Books Part 2

Here is a follow up to my previous Bradley's Favorite Books post since his likes change daily.  We read books so much to Bradley and it is one of his favorite times!  Right now he prefers for Dad to read to him, so I love sitting and watching them connect while reading books together.  Too cute!  Bradley is getting very opinionated, so having lots of book options is key right now!  Here are some favorites.

Don't forget that books are perfect for Easter Baskets, too!

Tickle Monster was a gift from Nate's cousin's family and is a treasure!  It comes with these tickle mitts, and when we walk over and tell Bradley "let's read books!" he grabs the mitts and either wants them on his hands, or thrusts them at Nate to put on. :)  It is the cutest thing ever!  This book is a total must have and great gift item.

First 100 Words is perfect for the age Bradley is in now because he can't say all of the words, but we can say "Where is the cow?" and he will point right at the cow on the page!  It is so fun for us to see his little wheels turn!

Bradley has loved Doggies for a while, along with most Sandra Boynton books.  Nate bounces Bradley in his lap when he "Woofs!" which Bradley adores. :)

Each Peach Pear Plum reminds me soooo much of my childhood!  I remember picking this book out from a school book fair and just loving!

We have had this book for a while, but That's Not My Monkey is still a favorite!  It is short and sweet but too cute.

Eight Silly Monkeys is so fun for this age.  Bradley requests this book a lot and sometimes will do a little shimmy dance while we read it. :)  Grandma got Bradley this book - every time she sees her grandsons she brings a book, and this was a gem one of those times!

This book is such a sweet classic, and Bradley really loves it!  I Am A Bunny was a gift from his favorite teacher as well, so that could be why he loves it so much. :)

Anything with flaps is always a toddler favorite!  What's In My Truck? was also a gift, and I would say at this moment in time, his ABSOLUTE favorite book.  This book really is too cute - every page has tons of flaps and cute illustrations.  A must have!

Bradley's daycare does the Scholastic ordering, where for every book purchased, the school also receives books.  This was my first order with them, and Bradley's favorite out of the bunch is the Skip Hop book My Backpack.  It is such a cute flip book that you open to see what is inside their backpacks!  So cute!

From Head To Toe is a favorite of my nephews, so I was very excited for Bradley to discover.  We LOVE this book because Bradley now does most of the motions on the pages!  If he even hears the word "Penguin" he starts turning his head and laughing, or "Gorilla" and thumps his chest. :)  Love!

What are some of your kid's favorites?  We love books!

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  1. We have the tickle monster book from a gift, but have never broke it out yet. We need to!
    We also love My Backpack, and now I want to get What's In My Truck?? That will go over big!
    The favorites right now at our house are: Miss Spider's Tea Party, The Very Busy Spider, any Peek-a-Boo books (peek a boo farm, peek a boo bedtime, etc. I ordered the Peek a Boo Bunny book for Everett's Easter basket) and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
    If Bradley likes lift the flap books that much, Dear Zoo, is another great one!

    1. Yes! Dear Zoo was in the first favorites list. He loves! I will have to check out the Spider books - sound sooo cute!! :)