Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's 2016

Another Valentine's Day is in the books!  Our little Valentine had a great one!  We were coming back from Florida on actual Valentine's Day, but we celebrate the month leading up to it!

Of course we had a little decor going on.  Our front door has this old deco mesh wreath and one of my favorite doormats!

The doormat looks even cuter with fun Target deliveries!

Inside we had our garland and LOVE sign.

These Target Pyrex had to come home with me!  So adorable!

And my nails had a touch of love (and so much love for Wildfire chopped salad!).

At work, I wanted to have a little touch of love as well.  I bought this Target garland thinking it would be perfect.  Ummm...turns out it is GIANT and took up my entire cube!  Ha!  

So I moved it under the cabinets to make it a little more subtle...if that is even possible.

I handed out Valentine's at work to the ladies that had cheeseburger erasers!  Ha!

We sent Bradley's cousins a mini care package with some Valentine's items.  Tyler liked doing the art project!

Sidebar - it might have just been Valentine's Day but I am still listening to the Pentatonix Christmas CD!  I'm so obsessed!  I also gave them out as Christmas gifts this year.  I told myself I am putting it away this weekend so I can get excited for it come November. :)

I had been eyeing these kid's kitchens for Bradley for a while because he loves ANY play kitchen he comes across.  I posted on Instagram asking if anyone had any insight on them.  Turned out one of my best friend's actually had one she was ready to part with!  Perfect early Valentine's gift!

He is seriously obsessed!  So glad he has a kitchen to play with now!

My Mrs. Potts and Chip look like they are made for this kitchen, but Bradley is too young to play with them!

Also sort of Vday related...our work Bachelor bracket is getting intense!

This was mine - still doing ok, but not awesome.  Come on Caila!  And come on JoJo for Bachelorette!

Nate is my forever Valentine, but I told him this is my backup Valentine. :)

I hope everyone had a great day filled with love!  I will post pics from our Universal Valentine's trip soon!

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  1. Where did you find that adorable King of Hearts tee?! My godson needs this for next year! :)

    1. It is from Gap Kids this year! Isn't it so cute??

    2. SO cute for a little boy, I need to scour sale racks to find - thank you!