Saturday, February 6, 2016

Vacation Packing

I haven't done one of these posts in a while so it was time! I have spent a lot of the morning packing for a quick trip, and I packed the way I always do - by planning!  I have a couple similar posts.  Here is an older one for Key West, a REALLY old one from 2012, and I even did this for my hospital bag with like granny panties and sweats! :)  And I am one of the biggest repeat offenders you will ever meet.  So a lot of these pieces are probably seen in those vintage posts! :)

Outfit planning is like an art to me because I am a planner, and if I don't, everything is just a hot mess and I have "nothing to wear".  I lay out everything but undies and snap a pic - I need to make sure I don't forget the jewelry, layers if it is cold, shoes, etc!  Because my mind is constantly jumping from thing to thing I will absolutely forget important items unless I plan from top to bottom.  Then when I wear an outfit on vacation, I delete the pic from my phone so only remaining outfits are in the options.  Nerdy, but seriously saves me SO MUCH TIME!  Ain't no one got time to style outfits when you are on vacation (with a toddler, mind you).

I apologize for the wrinkly outfits but I always try to keep it real here and not pretend I am something I'm not.  Maybe I will iron them before wearing...maybe not. :)

Let's begin!  Since we will be at Universal, these three outfits are extra important! I will wear one of these on the park day, and probably bring another because there are water rides.  Need a back up!

No shoes laid with these because I will be sporting tennis shoes.  Comfort first!  I made sure to have a top layer that might end up in the stroller all day if hot, but ready to go if needed.  One of the BIGGEST fashion lessons my mom taught me is to dress in layers - ALWAYS!  I live this every day.  Even at work I might wear a sweater, but have on a collared shirt so if I get too hot (or spill, haha) I have a whole other outfit on underneath!  And I am set if chilly!

I had this shirt from Halloween when Bradley was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!  Perfect!  And anyone else grow up with Ghostbusters and sooooo jacked to see the new all girl Ghostbusters?!

Harry Potter love. :)  We are so excited to see all the Potter goodness!

But don't worry - since we will be in Mickey land I have to sport some Disney!  It will be strange not hitting up the Disney parks!  I'm sure we will figure out a visit soon!

Instagrammed a bunch of cute but casual outfits.  Since Orlando is such a family destination it really is ok to be casual anywhere, but I like stepping it up a bit if needed.  Like I might be wearing a t-shirt, but pair it with a skirt and it looks a little nicer.  Or the opposite way - I love my sequin skirt so to dress it down I paired it with brown boots and a chambray shirt.

A few more!  All of these won't make it into the suitcase, but most will.  I have never been a light packer.  The few times I have packed light I have always regretted it.  I need options! 

So there it is!  I know lots of judgey wudgies think this is crazy, but to NOT do this is crazy to me.  Oh, to be a carefree person.  Not me! :) 

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  1. Well I agree, its better to have to with you rather than need it and it not be there. I like options too.

    X x