Saturday, February 20, 2016

Universal Trip!

We just got back from a fun Valentine's weekend trip to Universal Orlando!  Since we are SUCH a Disney family, we wanted to get a trip in to Universal as my dad loves Harry Potter (and I am a new lover).  I read the first book right before leaving and loved!  My nails were all set for the trip, too. :)

Chimi was super impressed with my nerdiness.

Of course I over packed! :)  I posted my outfit packing here.

We had amazing flights (thank goodness - I have turbulence anxiety!!)!  I was super excited to not be wearing a coat so I had to take an outfit selfie for Instagram.  Ha!

Bradley was also excited to be coat-less!!

Our first night we toured Universal Citywalk, which was literally a 5 minute walk away from our hotel (Royal Pacific).  We are all about staying on property for our trips so this was great!!  Bradley was a wild man and wanted to run everywhere!  (And would have tantrums if we tried to stop it).  Crazy toddler!

He loved hanging out with Papa!

Mickey sweatshirt in Universal!  Eek!

We got up super early to make sure we got to the parks the second it opened.  Since we stayed onsite we were able to get in an hour early, too!  Papa fed Bradley his breakfast. :)

So excited to be here!!  Love this family pic!

We made a beeline for Diagon Alley!

We rode Escape from Gringott's and were in the first group of people!  Love not waiting in line!  And this ride was so fun but almost a little too roller coaster-y for me.  I suck at rides.

Bradley hung out with Grandma!

We loved seeing how authentic everything was!

Love how they hire actors for things like this!  This guy was hilarious!!

More Mickey gear in Universal!  

Reaching for Jaws!

I was suuuper excited for the Simpson's donut!!  It was like my one "must get" food item at Universal.  And it didn't disappoint!  The donut was almost a glazed consistency (which I love - not a cake donut fan) and the frosting was tasty!

Bradley thought it was tasty, too!

Long donut photo shoot. :)

We didn't do very well on it, however!  Too big!  It was a good thing - after this we went on the Simpsons ride and I was seriously looking for a panic button on it.  Soooo dizzying, nauseating, etc.  Blech!!  I was done with rides after that.

Next we took Bradley to the Curious George play land and he was in love!  This ball house was hilarious!!

Balls might be Bradley's favorite toy, so he was in heaven!

Bradley wasn't so sure of these guys.

Hogwarts Express time!

So fun!!

My mom said this was her favorite "ride". :)  I might agree!

I had to try butterbeer!  I drank like two sips but was excited to try it. :)

Nerding out!  I LOVE the Jurassic movies!!


Seuss Landing!  One of my favorite areas!  My mom and I rode the High in the Sky Seuss Train so we could take a not scary ride.  Or course, at the highest point all of sudden the ride stopped.  It was maybe for one minute but I was nervous!  Haha!  Even the easy rides I can't handle! :)  But we loved that ride other than that. :)

If I won the lottery I would build a house that looks like a Seuss house complete with truffula trees. :)

We love the Lorax!  Not only for the message, but because we think he looks like Sprinkles! :)

Bradley went nuts in the Seuss play area!  He sat right down in the water. :)  Good thing I had like three changes of clothes! 

Nate's face in the background.  Bahahaha!!

Love this - "Think left and think right.  Think low and think high.  Oh, the thinks you can think up if you only try!"

Back to Jurassic!

Raptor encounter was seriously amazing!  Loved it!  The "trainer" was amazing, too!  Perfect casting/hiring.  I was legit scared!  Haha!

Papa kept us safe. :)

Wild Thing on the loose!  Not pictured - super tasty meal at Mythos!  But it might have been 20 degrees in there!

Grandma got Bradley an Inside Out coloring book!  He likes eating crayons more than coloring with them still...

Disney socks at Universal!  We are breaking all the rules!

Sunday was our pool day!  Check out this bathing beauty! :)

Bradley loved all the ducks. 

Soaking in the sun!

Giving sand to Papa.

We had a tasty dinner at Antojitos!  

Bradley was mesmerized by the man making guacamole. :)

Always on the go!

Heading home. :(  I posted on Instagram I could use a little Disney!

We were so excited to get home and see the girls!

Sprinkles liked our one souvenir - baby Grinch!  Of course I needed a Christmas souvenir. :)

We had such a great time at Universal!  If you love roller coasters/motion rides, Universal is for you!  Clearly I can't handle them and they make me SO dizzy, almost vertigo feeling.  So next time we go to Universal I will mostly go on the kid rides!  I for sure want to put on my big girl panties and go on the Hogwarts Castle ride and a Jurassic ride next time.  Beware the Simpsons if you are someone who gets dizzy easily!  The Universal Parks really are amazing and so fun to see.  I'm so glad we got to go but now I want to schedule a Disney trip!  

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