Friday, February 26, 2016

Easter Egg Garland DIY

Our house is ready for Easter!  We have bits of decor here and there.  A new decoration is the Easter Egg Garland!

One of my favorite DIY's I have done is my Christmas Ornament Garland and I wanted to do a cute Easter egg one!  Last year I attempted to make an egg wreath, but all of the eggs fell off of the Styrofoam form so that idea was scrapped.

These are super easy to make, but a little more tedious than the Christmas one because the holes are so small, and each end of eggs have two holes, so it is double the threading.  But worth it!

Start off by collecting eggs (I had 60 but ended up using a couple less than that).  If you want the garland to go in a specific color order (I did) organize them by color for easy threading!  I opened them as I organized so I could quickly get them threaded as well.

Next, take two long pieces of thread/string and lace through one of the egg holes, on each end of the egg.  Then do the same for the other set of holes on the egg.  I used a needle, but if your thread is thin enough you might not need to.  I also wished I had used fishing line or something a little stronger than thread - so keep that in mind!

Close the egg after both sides are threaded, then continue to the next!  Again, if you use thread like I did, beware the tangles!  I had to keep my eggs nice and close together to avoid tangles.  Continue until you are out of eggs and knot at the other end!

Hooray!!  Someday I want to swag the garland, but right now we need it out of toddler reach.  So it is snaked along our mantle.  Still adds a pop of color which I love. 

I added a few other touches to the mantle.  Obsessed with this little gnome.

Little eggs on sticks in a vase (took pic for Instagram before the garland was complete).

More eggs in a vase, this time with some grass.

These little chicks also had to be out of toddler reach.

The sideboard has Easter items that are ok for Bradley to grab.

Clearly he likes grabbing - he carries these around like purses! :)

Not totally Easter decor, but I found a cute cake stand for my marshmallow mugs in the Easter stuff at Target!  Love love love!

And added a little flair at work. :)

Are you all decorated for Easter?

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