Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas House Tour 2015

Better late than never, right?  Now that Christmas is over, all I want is to look at decorations!  It does feel great to have it all put away and organized, but also sad and less colorful.  I posted a few details here, and cupcake tree here, but now here is the tour!

We will start with the front door!  I used almost the same stuff as last year, but I updated the ribbon on the wreath.  I still love it!

Full of whimsy!  Just how I like it!

I did remember to switch out the mat this year!

Just inside the door is the sideboard!  This was more difficult to decorate because Bradley thinks he is supposed to grab everything from here and throw it on the floor.  So it almost never looked like this.  Ha!

Silly little guy! :)

There he goes with the reindeer!

One of my favorite decorations is still our tree topper!  I just think there couldn't be a more perfect topper for a whimsical tree.  Bradley agrees. :)

Check out my Santa nails! :)

I put a tiny touch of Christmas in our dining room with a runner my Grandma made and a couple trees.

The built ins have the usual suspects, but also lots of baby toys and a massive gate blocking!

Clearly the gate isn't working...

It is so nice to have a place to display all of our Christmas crap! :)

The ornament garland blog post was on fire on Pinterest!  I hope everyone scooped up some post-Christmas balls to make one! 

The kitchen has a few touches here and there.

Nate got me the cutest marshmallow mugs that I have been eyeing for years for Christmas!!  I was so excited!  We had them out for our ladies night cookie exchange.

With a hot chocolate bar of course!

One of my friends helped me out with our chalkboard - I am never wiping this away!

I put the cute mugs on display. :)

My mom got me these amazing elf legs (Nate calls them witch legs - jerk) a few years ago.

We didn't put a small tree in Bradley's room this year but we did add a cute Christmas pillow and read him Christmas books every night, so don't worry, he felt the Christmas spirit! :)

So the decor is all put away now and I do really love the feeling of no clutter, but am already planning getting everything back out in 11 months! :)

Who am I kidding - I have a kid so there is still a lot of clutter. :)  Phew!

Do you still have your decor up?  Why can't we just leave it up year round? :)

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