Saturday, December 31, 2016

Baby #2...

...and #3 are coming! That's right, we are having twins! I posted on Instagram last week spreading the news and reading all the comments was so fun. It is nice not having a big secret anymore!

This is what I get for complaining about carrying a 9.5 lb baby at the end of my pregnancy with Bradley...two babies to carry around! :) We are due in May and still can't believe it. All the ultrasounds are shocking to see two in there.

I was SO sick basically weeks 5-15 and it was AWFUL. Like barfing 1-2 times a day, feeling insanely weak, nauseous all the time, etc. So that wasn't fun. It held me off from being excited and starting to think about decorating and the fluff of having a baby (let alone two). Then right when I was feeling better, you probably saw on Instagram that I had a terrible fall on our basement stairs and destroyed my tailbone. I randomly had an appointment already scheduled for the next morning so I saw the babies were ok right away, but a tailbone injury takes you OUT! I have been a hobbling mess all of Christmas week. But since we saw they were ok, I got to send our Christmas cards!

Lindsey Koch Photography
As for cravings - if you ask Nate he would say everything! :) I have been starving and literally eating 24/7. Even being sick, I would get sick and then run to the pantry to get food in my belly again. With Bradley I always wanted Smashburger (thanks for eating with me Debbie!) but this time I have been loving pickle dip, skim milk, Diet Sunkist Lemonade with a fudge graham Zone Bar, bagel bites from Starbucks and of course all the Christmas cookies! Those are just a few things I have consumed a lot of...really everything sounds amazing!

Per usual, I cannot wait to figure out the nursery! Now that I am feeling better I am starting to get super antsy to get going on this. Having two cribs makes things a little more interesting but we can manage. :) We are planning on using our main guest room for this (super old pics here) and moving that bed to the junk room (super old pics here). I tore this pic out of HGTV Mag because I am OBSESSED and saving for possible inspiration - even for Bradley's big boy room someday! I have lots of inspiration pics saved on Pinterest however. Once we find out genders in January I am going FULL STEAM AHEAD on this!

As for the love of our life, he has no clue. :) We got him some twins that he calls "baby pacis" since they have little magnetic pacifiers you can give them but he doesn't really like them. He throws them on the ground and says "don't want it!" Yikes.

We will keep working on him. :)

And like everyone says when they have baby number 2, I am terrified to have less time with Bradley. Even more than most since it will be baby #2 and baby #3. He is an active dude and the light of my life so thinking I won't spend every waking moment with him makes me so sad. We are getting a fence and purchased a play set for the backyard so I am hoping to bring the twins out there and sit on blankets with them while we watch Bradley play. We will see how this all turns out!

I will make sure to post lots of bump pics on Instagram since this is going to get all National Geographic looking REAL fast. Eek!

So bring on the advice mamas of multiples! Or even if you have more than one kid - I know there is a lot of great advice out there!

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Thursday, December 29, 2016


Even though we rode the North Pole Express to meet Santa, we wanted to go see him one more time. We tried going to the downtown Macy's on Christmas Eve Eve but that line was hours long, so we went to see the Eden Prairie Mall Santa later that evening.

Bradley was SO excited when he spotted him!

And even more excited when he peeked and got a wave back!

I wore my Christmas best and showed off my Santa belly. Haha!

Once it was Bradley's turn he walked right up and gave Santa a big hug. So sweet!

Then he hopped on his lap and stroked Santa's beard and suit, 

then sort of smiled for a few pics.

When it was time to go he gave him a huge hug. It was the cutest! 

I love how much he loves Santa! And we aren't quite sure why, we don't talk about him much? Maybe he just sees all of my Santa crap all over the house! :)

Happy holidays! Hope you feel the magic of the season!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Busy December

We have had a busy December! We flew to Chicago to see family, made gingerbread houses, had lots of music classes, Bradley got his first haircut, and we hosted a neighborhood cookie exchange!

It is always crazy flying with a toddler. He is still rear facing like a champ! And was allowed his paci to keep him quiet on the plane. :)

Bradley doesn't do well in group pics.

He loooooves his cousins. He always is trying to sit or jump on them.

And they love him back. So sweet.

We hit up the Dupage Children's Museum and Bradley loved it! Minus getting soap in his eyes from the bubble room.

Then we went to All Aboard Diner, the cutest place ever! Loved how our food was brought out on a little train!

My SIL ordered extras of these pants when she was getting family Christmas jammies and let me have these ones! I haven't taken them off all month. :)

Music class has been festive as well!

One of Bradley's highlights was when we had snowballs. See him lying in the middle of the pile? :)

I also wanted to make gingerbread houses with Bradley! We had his friends over for some gingerbread fun.

Bradley certainly loved all of the little candies...

but he tried to eat them more than actually decorate so we didn't finish our house.

His friends made a super cute house, though!

Just cleaning up after making the houses and dumping water all over the floor.

I snapped this cute pic of Bradley's kitchen because he has so many fun kitchen things, and of course I got him a mixer for Christmas. Not sure where it will go!

Bradley also got his first haircut this month!! Such a big day! He wasn't excited at first.

We got one smile out of him. :)

Nate and I drank a lot of hot chocolate, too. Cheersing in the basement.

And this is so random but I just LOVE Vietnamese food. I had to take a pic of our delicious take out. :) Stir fried beef vermicelli with Vietnamese egg rolls (all in fish sauce). YUM!

This kid loves his accessories.

Gingerbread nails! I always like to get some nail art for the holidays and this was the winner this year. 

Then we had our neighborhood cookie exchange! I made peanut butter kiss cookies.

The day of our neighborhood cookie exchange I fell down our basement stairs carrying a case of water and am pretty sure I broke or cracked my tailbone. I haven't been able to walk/sit/stand/lay do anything! Such horrible pain! Luckily I had a cozy outfit to wear to the party.

Of course, I had to make hot chocolate.

I put overflow Christmas mugs in this and thought it was kind of cute.

I made some of my favorite apps for snacks. Will share them soon!

Such a fun crew! We have the best neighbors.

Can you tell I am dying of pain here? Yeesh. But love these girls!

Some of my loot from the exchange!

Bradley has been loving opening random presents from people. Nate's coworker got him these trucks and he loves them!

Such a fun month! I hope everyone is staying safe and loving the excitement of December!

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

2016 Family Pictures!

I finally got our Christmas cards out! I was a little behind this year but so happy to send them. I just love sending and receiving holiday cards and seeing everyone's changing families. 

I love putting Bradley in some sort of seasonal look for holiday pictures so again, he wore plaid. :) Of course I had to wear my favorite Stitch Fix Boyfriend Jeans and my Target olive vest that I wear with everything! I just tell Nate what colors of half zip sweater he is allowed to wear. ;)

Always good to get some candids!

My heart exploding at this face!

My two guys.

His hair in these pics is the best! He got his first haircut a few weeks ago and still has curls but a little less frizz. :)

Could not love him more!

Right as we were leaving we saw this doggy in his wheelchair! I was so in love and it warmed my heart to see him just loving life and scooting around like it ain't no thing. I know Sprinkles will be in this someday so I love seeing great pet owners with their special needs doggies. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I will share which ones made it onto our holiday card soon! :)

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