Thursday, December 3, 2015

Merry and Bright!

Clearly these are old pictures, because I decorated the week before Thanksgiving!  Holy craziness this time of year (when is life not crazy actually?).  But it is always important for us to decorate by Thanksgiving since we usually host Thanksgiving, and then we can relax the holiday weekend!  Here a couple pics of some of the decor, and will post the full shebang soon!

I started with my new favorite friends. :)  I just can't get enough of these things!

Target's dollar spot has had such cute finds this year!  One of the gems.

Another one of my favorites - this nativity set from my mom last year!  We had it in Bradley's nursery last year, but since I don't want him to destroy it, it is up high on my desk this year.

When my mom was up last month she also brought me this cute pillow case!  Wonder where I get my love for the holidays from...

I really wanted to have a separate mini tree with my favorite personalized ornaments that we have gotten every year since Nate and I started dating!  They were too heavy for the little tree that I currently have, so I put them on our main tree again.

I also redid the ribbon my wreath for the front door.  Chimi helped. :)

I also did a fun Christmas/Disney swap with one of my Instagram friends!  She sent cute Star Wars items since we are new fans. :)

I always pull out these bar stool covers first!  They were such a good find years ago!

My mom got Bradley this adorable Dumbo ornament when we were in Disney earlier this year!  Love!

Chimi just loves Christmas.

I'm still working on this Scrooge. :)

Runaway Grinch!

The built ins are covered with Christmas cheer of course!

I love this cute Santa my mom and I found at an antique fair!

Some cute touches to the breakfast bar.

The sideboard has things that if Bradley grabs and throws will hopefully not break, and things that might are pushed back.  He loves finding treasures up here!

I hope everyone has loved the start of the holiday season and decorating their hearts out! :)

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