Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Holiday Season

We had a great Christmas season!  Here are some pics from our pre-Christmas activities. :)

Bradley met Santa (a few times)!

I had two cookie exchanges so I made tons of PB kiss cookies!

I absolutely love how when I lay on the ground Bradley flops himself on top of me.  Such a sweetheart!

We gave Bradley his one Christmas present early!  The box arrived damaged, so we wanted to put it together to make sure all parts were ok.  He ran right in and loves it!

We visited Dad at work and also went to Santaland!

Bradley was in awe!

Such a fun day. :)

An outtake from our Christmas photos - had to get this pic of Nate!  Ha!

Lindsey making magic happen and Sprinkles sniffing for cookie crumbs!

Unsure of this...

Loved getting dinner and catching up with Kristin, Lea and Kristin's mom!  Such a fun evening!

This was tooooo good!  Holiday probz!

Dressed up for my work holiday outing!  Have to be festive. :)

My phone finally didn't make it through a fall.  Ugh!  I do have it fixed now but this was a sad day.

When you can't find your hat then realize it is on your head...

We had a neighborhood gathering with Sprinkles the Elf!  Too much fun!  Bradley clearly doesn't do well being held by strangers - even elf strangers.  :)

We drove to Iowa for my mom's side Christmas.  My aunt and uncle's house is the perfect Christmas house!

I always love catching up with my cousin Molly!

Bradley and Grandma by the tree.

Seeing Gram!  

Too many fun new friends!

It didn't go so well seeing Santa at daycare. :/

Hope everyone is enjoying the season!

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