Monday, November 16, 2015

Beautiful Fall

Fall is flying by!  Here are some pictures from the last few months.

Love Fall nail and outfit colors!

Chimi thinks this is her chair!

His and hers smoothies!

We got the cutest tooth fairy pillow from Bradley's favorite nurse!

I always love the holiday editions of my favorite magazines!!

I posted on Instagram how someday we hope to add some more character to the front of our house, and this from the HGTV magazine is dreamy!  We have similar "bones", so I am saving this photo!!

I love supporting local so I finally went and checked out the Shakopee Bakery.  It is so adorable and like stepping back in time! 

Shopping with my mom!  I'm always drawn to Christmas items.

Our treasures!

More smoothie love!

Every so often I go through Bradley's clothes and make outfits so Nate can just grab and dress him in the morning.  Bradley likes to help. :)

I'm obsessed with our neighborhood video store!  Makes me sad that there aren't video stores really anymore.  So this one is a treasure!  Not much better than pizza and a movie!

TV watching face. :)

Mini elf man!


Such a beautiful woman. :)

How my hands get through winter.

The world is such an interesting place!

We love reading!

Fall at the lake > Summer at the lake.  Debatable, but we love it during the Fall!

Went a little nuts over the Pioneer Woman dishes at Walmart!

Some of the purchases...

Love this little restaurant at the lake!

Fall boat rides with Papa!

Gelato tastes better in cute bowls!

If you followed the craziness that was the Vikings parting ways with Ragnar (no tears shed here), you can hopefully appreciate my nomination for the NEW Ragnar! :)  Haha!

Donut love!  PS - I think I love looking at donuts more than eating them.  I'm pretty sure I have some sort of gluten intolerance and I really don't eat much when I get them!  But they are so damn cute! :)

Sweet sisters.

Yummy food at my cousin's wedding!

The cousins are already wrestling!  Or hugging, not sure. :)

Great shirt my bro and SIL got my dad. :)

We finished all 6 Star Wars movies so we are ready for the new one!  Rewarded myself with this sweatshirt. :)

Fall fashion is my favorite!

If you haven't seen Fed Up, watch it on Netflix right now!  Super eye-opening.

She just kills me!

Our walks are getting chillier!

Selfies with dad!

Always into something!

Random corner in our loft.  

Sprinkles found a great napping spot.

So much fun at the dog park!

Cozy coupe fun.

More fall clothes!  One of my favorite color combos.

Cheesing at daycare!

Excited to read!  Heidi is my cousin's wife!  Celebrity!

I made our bed so I had to document it!

Apple crisp and carmelitas when my mom is here.

Love the trees changing colors!

Took a handwriting class with friends that was too much fun!

I love taking selfies of this bearded beauty. :)

My best buddy. :)

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  1. We love Tinker's. It is right around the corner from our CL house so during the summer I walk there for ice before we take the boat out. Love their strawberry shakes. Sad they have closed now for the winter.

    1. You are in a great location!! I saw it is for sale - that makes me nervous! I hope if it sells they keep the recipes!!