Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Orchard Love

We love Fall weekends!  This past weekend we hit up Minnesota Harvest and Peter's Pumpkins/Carmen's Corn.  We just love going to orchards and pumpkin patches!!  And we have had the most amazing Fall weather!

Bradley was so excited that his Auntie Amy joined us!

He wasn't a very big fan of the tractor ride so that lasted all of 2 minutes...

We let him crawl around on the ground to see what he would do...

He went straight for the dirt!  Typical boy. :) 

So in went the paci! :)

Heart bursting!

Picking apples with Dad.

He went right for it!


So happy!

Checking out the animals!

We have never been to Peter's Pumpkins and Carmen's Corn but we will probably still go back this Fall!  It is smaller but free to go to, see all the pumpkins, ride a hayride, and get amazing produce!  We bought a ton of veggies and I am totally craving more!

This kid loves pumpkins!

Making funny faces!

Hope everyone is having an amazing Fall!

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