Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Infant Must Haves

As a follow up to my Newborn Must Haves, here are some must haves for that next stage in infant-dom!  Every stage we hit I am constantly researching or texting other moms for advice, so I wanted to put together what has worked for us to help others out, and so I remember for future kids!  Ha!

I know I post favorites on Instagram all the time, but here is a good go-to list, especially with Christmas around the corner!  Links are through Amazon because I am pretty sure we order something from Amazon every other day with our Prime membership!

See our favorite books here.


Toys that are perfect for this stage are ones their little fingers can grab, lightweight, and usually fun for them to stick in their mouth! :)  Some easy to grab favorites are:

Sophie the GiraffeWinkelOBallNuby Teether (all seen below),

and OBall Football (still loves this thing).

Some of the attention-getting type toys we loved are Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, First Years Stacking Up Cups (he loved holding one in each hand and tapping them together), and Scout.

Of course, every baby loves a jumperoo, and this is the one we had.  My friend Lindsey calls them "the circle of neglect" but I prefer calling it Bradley's (former) favorite place to be! :)


We discovered Zutano Booties late, but for a future kid we will use these from day one!  Zutano booties are BY FAR the best booties/socks ever for babies.  They snap around the ankle so they are so easy to get on and off, and keep their toes so warm!  Anytime I posted an Instagram photo of Bradley wearing them I would get someone asking what booties they are.  We even got stopped at Disney by a mom asking about them! :)  And they now come in grippers so pretty sure I will be ordering some for Bradley as slippers since he is "walking".

Bradley didn't sleep in his crib really until around 4 months old, or once he grew out of the Bassinest.  Once we started in the crib, it wasn't awesome, but then I heard about these plush chamois sheets through my friend who designed them for Target!  Problem solved!  They are still safe, but are so soft to the touch and not cool like a normal sheet is.  We still use this sheet and I am sure will for a long time!

Once we stopped swaddling, we immediately went to Halo Wearable Blankets  (shown above) and haven't looked back!  Every few months we have to get the next size up, but it is SO imperative to not have extra blankets or soft things in cribs for safety, so these keep him just warm enough!

Once Bradley was reaching for his bottles, we started having him practice holding a sippy cup.  We probably have bought 15 different styles, but the one we have found works the best for us is ThinkBaby (thanks Julie!).  It still has the soft silicone spout that is necessary on their tender little teething gums!

Since we live in the frozen tundra (AKA Minnesota) staying warm is imperative!  But staying SAFE is even more imperative!  The 7AM Enfant Carseat Cocoon worked perfectly for us last winter while he was still in the infant car seat.  Never wear puffy coats or have any of these types of things UNDER the belts/straps - only OVER!  

And he was like this for a hot minute to snap this pic of his outfit to meet Santa - would never let him nap unbuckled like this!!  Just want to show how it unzips and opens.

Any tummy time mat will work, but we did love this Tiny Love one!  The little inner tube/pillow that he lays on was the perfect height to build up that neck and back strength.  And it has crinkly parts that he loved grabbing!

I didn't discover the Boppy Lounger until Bradley was in daycare (they had them) but man oh man, how did I survive maternity leave without it??  I tell every mom about this since I so wish I had it!  Basically it is just a nice squishy pillow for them to lay on, but so light and portable!  I could have actually had lunch or gone to the bathroom if I had this! :) 

I thought I was going to do a post on how we made our baby food, but of course never did.  We were obsessed with the Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit (thanks for the rec, Nicole!).  It really is a glorified ice cube tray, but makes perfect one ounce cubes of baby food.  We would steam/cook whatever fresh/organic fruits and veggies we had on hand, blend in the NutriBullet, then freeze! We usually would feed him 3-4 cubes at a time.  We would try to plan ahead and have them defrost in the fridge the night before, but didn't always plan ahead.  You can either warm on the stove (which we did like twice) or microwave (we know not as safe, but what can you do when you are both working and need to feed your kid fast?).

Once I went to Thursdays off work (greatest thing ever!) I signed up for music classes to take with Bradley!  It was so fun to have extra bonding time through music and play.  I look ridiculous but we had so much fun in them!  I was super bummed that there wasn't a Fall class time that worked for us so I am praying Spring has one we can start up again!

So random, but we have to include Carters!  My coworker and I were discussing how much we love Carters and how comfy and adorable everything is.  And cheap!  If Bradley isn't wearing something from our second hand store, it is probably from Carters! :)

And the Nook Niche was STILL a must have for us basically until we stopped breast feeding at one!  Once he was sitting up it was a perfect safety net.

So emotional going through finding pics of Bradley with some of these items!  They grow so fast!!  I hope this list helps!  I know it will help me to refer back to someday with another kid!

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  1. Did you have a mamaroo? I found one in amazing shape on a Facebook site and snatched it up! We didn't have one for our first little guy so i'm hoping this babe will like it!

    1. Yes! I had it in my "Newborn Must Haves" post! :) Get the Boppy Lounger if you don't have one - I would have loved that even MORE than the Mamaroo if I had it!! Portable!!