Friday, September 25, 2015

Recent Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Standing under Dad is so funny!

This made me giggle. :)  How I used to feel when I exclusively BF for a year for sure!

Found a way to organize my Disney soaps for our guest bathroom!  Target dollar spot!

Little Tikes sent Bradley some fun toys!  He is obsessed with the turtle.

Still love this dogs canvas in Bradley's nursery so much. :)

Rocking chew beads to work like they are regular jewelry! :)

I wholeheartedly celebrated Christmas in July!  I had to put out my cute new Christmas additions. :)

And I found this awesome Halloween/Starbucks haunted house gem on the garage sale swap Facebook sites!

Sprinkles wasn't as amused as I was over her doppelganger. ;)

Some of our favorite books!  I posted on Instagram to get recommendations for new books.  Got so many awesome recs!

I break out the old volleyball kneepads whenever I have to clean! :)

Sweet sleeping girl.

Some of Bradley's new books!  He loves them!

We keep lots of his books on these shelves and lots on the floor in bins!  You can never have too many books!

What I wore for our Christmas in July Secret Santa reveal at work. :)

Bradley discovered his belly button! :)  He has also discovered another body part that he is obsessed with...

Sweet Sprinkles in my pumping bag!  Her favorite spot.

We had the best weather this summer!!

Bradley enjoyed it, too!

I made my first cheesecake!  And it won't be the last!

So much matching going on.

Loooooveeeee this shade of purple on nails!

Bradley found Sprinks on his chair!  

We watched all six of the Star Wars movies in the last month!  Now I'm ready to see The Force Awakens when it comes out!

Love aliums!

Bradley got his first Stride Rites!  He loves taking them off.

I have been breaking out lots of Fall apparel!

Little raspberry lover!!

I'm always happy with an unsweetened black iced tea in my hand!

Bradley loves my parent's dog Bear.  So sweet.

Pizzeria Lola is heaven on earth!  The Boise is a new fav...

Bradley got this vest from a neighbor friend so when we went to Walmart, we threw it on over his jammies!  Perfect! :)

New kitchen chalkboard!

One of the last pumping sessions at work.  Crazy it is done!

We already have our Christmas ornament for this year!  Too perfect since we went to Disney in February!

Love this pic of Bradley and his favorite teacher!  Too sweet!

Enjoying his Cookie Monster Kitchen from his cousins!

Pretty much ate this entire dip in the car after getting it...

Current chalkboard usage - quick Bradley foods I can grab that we have!

He must have been in shock from all the delicious food. :)  Our favorite trays are the Boon Platters.

Sooooo true!

We love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Post nap happiness!

Before it started getting super dark so early, I would walk the girls and Bradley. I usually ended up being the only one walking.

I was dying over this buzzfeed article!!  Particularly this pic!  I wanted to send to all of my cat loving friends but it was too late at night. :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Where are your adorable flair jeans and plaid shirt from?? I love your style!

    1. Aww thank you! Jeans are Hudson from Von Maur, and top is from Heartbreaker!